Bible Reading Christian Will Earn An Ear #Science

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Dalai Lama recently advocated for secular ethics, and respect for nonbelievers saying moral and secular ethics go beyond religious belief, many of us hold that, laws in religious books were made by ancient people good example 10 commandments-Worship ME, don’t call MY name in vain, don’t have\make images of ME, rest on Sabbath to worship ME. The selfishness indicates it might be a human who wrote them down and subscribed significance by claiming its Gods laws, Einstein [a Jew] said bible is collection of noble ancient superstitions that are rather childish.

There is no problem with religious believes you can believe whatever you want we are spiritual beings and 5000 gods are worshiped currently but using religion to fight science, stem cell research, evolution, etc We get the right to call your believes ridiculous.

However all that said ..Not all people in religion are ignorant and following a blind faith, some really try to be realistic and those EARN an ear…

Here is a Bible scholar who is courageous to debate me with facts and not pray I be saved from claws of eternal monster, block me, or run away.. He calls himself a Theologian but I think a Bible scholar is a great name too haha

Lawrence Ital Mwangi

Yes birth of a star or what my brother Alex Shianda would call creation or Genesis of another Star system located 44 Million light years away[ how it was 44 million years ago when light left] …That is very far, from here to Sun is 8 Light minutes [ light takes 8 minutes to fika your eyes, when looking at sun you see how it was 8 minutes away]
Hubble captures new star birth in an ancient galaxy

Alex Shianda

Help me understand an elliptical galaxy can have ever lasting life?as in an old galaxy collides with a new small one to form a new galaxy

Lawrence Ital Mwangi
To some extend but not everlasting hehe.. We can trace the earliest toddle galaxies 12 billion years ago when universe was smaller and now has expanded and rapidly so it has an end[just way we predict universe began 13.7 billion years ago] ..There are three theories how it will end

…The largest galaxy is believed to have been after collision of several, its 50 times bigger than our Milky way hehe but its old and doesn’t produce new stars anymore

Milky way will collide with neighbor Andromeda 4 Billion years to come [from rate they are approaching one another]
So we will we will witness collision just before our suns nuclear reactor goes out of its Hydrogen and Helium fuel in 5Billion years time and become a red giant swallowing us hehe

Alex Shianda
Nice.but the article hypothesizes small ‘alive’ galaxies ‘kick start’ old dying big galaxies.technically th4 there would be no end to the life of the universe or beginning thereof.
that said,i like the red dragon theory.almost sounds like the apocalyptic picture St John saw in Patmos if you read his book(Revelation)with a horoscopic hubble telescope mind
the other day i was thinking bout Dec23 when the world was to end/end of an age according to thdm Myan calendar.i thought bout in view of the asteriod that almost hit earth,the meteor that hit Russia,the comet that passed,the HUGE comet coming in Oct ths year,heck they must have made serious calculations!

Lawrence Ital Mwangi
That is when other factors haven’t been considered, the biggest is universe is expanding and rapidly for the furthers galaxies, originally before 1920 we thought it will slow down [logically] but observations show furthers galaxies moving even faster and hence the hypothesized Dark energy and Dark matter which occupies 95%[ what you see galaxies, stars, comets are only 5%] of the entire universe forcing the expansion..

By the we have the theories Big Rip where ultimately it will expand to cold isolated matter or Big crunch where gravity will overpower dark energy and universe collapse into a black hole

Revelations is interesting book, & is full of imagery and that is the reason every generation finds a reason to end the world in it, but that is just wishful interpretation like in conspiracy theories not critical analysis. From early years even antichrist himself many thought the writer was referring to NERO who persecuted Christians so much and his name adds up to 666 if interpreted in [either Greek I can’t remember]

End of Age is used so many times in bible and other ancient books with astrological symbols[Christianity like Egyptian pagan religion is of symbols, 3,7,cross, bread, wine etc] and as you know there is Gemini, pierces, etc so end of age is a repetitive like end of year or season

Asteroids, comets meteors etc very many most aren’t reported we had a similar early 1900 in Russia too, and the big one that did strike Yucatán Peninsula 65 Million years ago ending dinosaur erra or the Arizona impact crater 50,000 years ago, so by that simly you cannot conclude anything scientifically.

Alex Shianda
on Revelation apart from the historic interpretation(of antichrist being Nero)and the futuristic(of antichrist being a one world leader) there is the Reform view(of antichrist being the Pope)-very popular during Martin Luther’s fact,he is one of the chief ‘cook’ of this view.

i like the historic view coz the danger of reading it as events to come will make you read it like you were reading a horoscope.
some have tried to blend the three views using a ‘what was,what is and what is to come view’.still one misses the big historical narrative in the book this way.

i think to live in a time/space when/where one can postulate various theories is really exciting.there is a proverb that says it is to th glory of kings to hide a matter and the glory of men to search them is great the vast opportunities the ‘physical and life sciences’ provide.i think soon we will start hearing brilliant scientists sounding like ancient Hebrew poets in their hypothesis to formulate theories.i may not be sure of this but maybe Hiesengberg would

on celestial bodies
i like the breakdown.But i was merely appreciating the science at least Math that the Myans put in to predict the appearance of eclipses,comets,asteroids,meteors…in their calendar.i was then extrapolating that maybe not Dec23 as they said were onto something in terms of celestial bodies n earth interaction
Lawrence Ital Mwangi Yup ..History is rich I wish every child could be taught how different religions [main ones] believe and their evolution right from Sumerian,African [Egypt, Nubians, Ethipopians, West African like Mali etc], Mayans Hindu, to Monotheists Hebrew, Christianity, and latest Islam etc it would really help them a lot

I don’t quite understand what you mean by scientist sound like Hebrew, but why not As long as it’s a scientific fact I.e. has been proved by global body of scientist … scientist have read most if not all religions coz science is understanding forces of nature and can use the words

Mayans were very good in reading the seasons using celestial bodies ..actually most of ancients Egyptians, Andes, the Nubians, to them it was life and death,, you had to know planting season, migration of birds or locust etc and remember there was no TV or electricity so for them looking at the stars was more than just hobby and were very good extremely good in that…. Modern science emerged there, before we used to thing eclipses are divine beings but Greeks started the revolution of looking not for supernatural but natural to understand the world so we realized eclipse are shadows, by the spherical shadow we discovered wow the earth is not flat but spherical ..The rest is history

Alex Shianda
On Religion
i think ethics would be a big level-and-proper ground to start the conversation coz each religion has its definition n history of ethics and our society needs morals.the challenge would be the danger of raising a generation of pantheists who will largely embrace the humanist ‘co-exist’ dangerous faith talk.have you seen this humanist co-exist campaign logo showing different religions symbols forming the word co-exist?

hebrew poets
You know how modern scientists say “there are dark forces that control the world in which we live in” and go on to develop a dark forces theories etc ancient hebrew poets also believed that ‘there are principalities and powers in the air that control the world”Ephesians?

Lawrence Ital Mwangi
Democracy is when you teach a child or human all religions and then give them a choice , we are living in information age hehe… To some like me ethics as stated in bible or Quran or Hindus, or atheist like china are all man made and basica…See More

Alex Shianda
on dark forces
I think it is good to appreciate the similarity in the hypothesis because their conclusions definitely differ.i’d even propose the same way astrology(which scientists consider mythical) was the science that gave birth to Astronomy as we …See More

Lawrence Ital Mwangi
Dark forces lol Its Dark Matter and Dark energy just like Gravity or X-Rays or Gama infrared that aren’t visible to normal range hehe ..The other portrayed by ancient Hebrew was like science it was a way to try and interpret the world, whe…See More
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Alex Shianda
The Dark Knight needs to rise tomorrow away from Dark Forces-whether as Dark Matter and/or Dark Energy.i am sure you got his drift.he wil arise happy for he sees you making reference to legal-historical matters.May the Force be with you

Lawrence Ital Mwangi thanks for whole the above Alex Shianda.. I will be back my friend

Another Debate on February on twitter

• shianda ‏@alexshianda :@lawey @in_hispresence Pentateuch parts of the bk of Numbers coz Moses was is him-Moses

• Feb 19 shianda ‏@alexshianda :@lawey @in_hispresence There were many Scripts present at Constatine’s time.there was nd th4 for a codex for ALL coz some erased parts

• Feb 19 shianda ‏@alexshianda :@lawey @in_hispresence There were many Scripts present at Constatine’s time.there was nd th4 for a codex for some codex erased parts

• Feb 19 shianda ‏@alexshianda :@lawey Arius(Arianism) taught that Jesus was more man less God-tis called ‘the battle of diphthongs’ homoousios vs homoiousos

• Feb 19 shianda ‏@alexshianda :@in_hispresence @lawey It is PARTS of 2nd Peter not in CONTENT or AUTHORSHIP but in title ‘Peter’ d same way ‘Paul’ didnt write Eph

• Feb 19 shianda ‏@alexshianda :@lawey A proper historic doc should nt have been written after 60yrs of eye witnes a/c-hence accuracy issues
• Feb 19 shianda ‏@alexshianda :@lawey As i mentioned,there are bks called deuterocanonical-simply put,the 2nd canon in ths case a 2nd gospel.

• Feb 19 shianda ‏@alexshianda :@lawey Deconstruction is a postmodern philosophical technique theology can use when addressing Science/classical/ancient philosophy

• Feb 19 shianda ‏@alexshianda :@lawey will watch.deuterocanonical books(OT eg apocrypha n NT eg lost gospels) n other writings eg shephard of hermis are easy talk

• Feb 19 shianda ‏@alexshianda :@lawey Of science and philosophy is good for construction of life mantra’s.theology is to use them for deconstruction #thankmelater

• Feb 19 shianda ‏@alexshianda :@lawey @muriithiw Will read.4m the small papers i know,its a shift 4m Augustines linear approach to time but not new theos


Sex In Space \(*_*)/

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The future of mankind itself may eventually depend on one question, “Can we have sex in the weightlessness of space?” Sex connects us and is a great source of pleasure but most important it propagates our species.

65 Million years ago, a stone the size of Mt Everest smashed on earth at the now Yucatan Peninsula and started a chain of events that eventually ended more than 100 Million years of dinosaur era on the planet, chances of such are small, like once in 5000 years BUT it cant be ruled out, having our species spread in space, or being a two planet species might save mankind from extinction in an event like that.

“Humankind needs to survive for the next 200 years and we will have already started spreading to space” – Prof Stephen Hawking

Last 50 years has seen us traveling to space and back, one thing we’ve leant is that it’s a very hard task to even kiss leave alone shagging, when floating freely any touch send the other person spinning lol! Remember Newton’s law of motion?

Vanna Bonta is a science writer who took the challenge to make, and with her husband test [in micro gravity]a space garment for couples, it can be zipped and unzipped to attach the other partner and facilitate sex, and also intimacy or hanging out.

NASA is planning to have a 3 year human mission to Mars by 2030; will we bring sex with us? Being an organization of engineers, by engineers and for engineers, who knows light is either On or Off no gray areas LOL, subject of sex has never come up, its like a taboo but as one lady scientist Sheryl L. Bishop points out, this isn’t right, we have to be realistic, ignoring the subject or suggestions like having same sex team or having couples; husband and wife is unrealistic, best suggestion is to have sexually mature scientists taken to a place like Antarctica for 7 months or so, live together have issues and know how to deal with them to void compromising the mission.

Also Dr Michio Kaku author Physics of the future [dude is my favorite] says, NASA is funded by TAX payers and discussing sex might seem to the public as saying “we are going spending your millions of dollars to have sex escapades..”

On the proposal for the Mars mission nowhere sex was mentioned, even though psychologists and psychiatrists say sexual, emotional, psychological and physical intimacy is vital for well being of the cosmonauts.

But the sex is the easy bit, as space medicine associate Dr Jim Logan says, moving from terrestrial civilization to weightless of space has many challenges like bone losing calcium, red cells lose mass, heart becoming lazy, and skeletal mass become weak, experiments on rats done in 1955, from fetus, birth &development showed rats born of a male that spent time in space has growth retardation, kidney failure and sensory system problems. He added that we need more mammalian studies to see fertilization, birth, development and birth of first generation in space.

Several proposals have been made most in the highly anticipated space tourism industry lead by Virgin Galactic by Richard Branson, by 2050 we might be having like a centrifugal machine that creates gravity where pregnant women can spend hours, sleeping tube like posh apparatus where couples can enjoy sex together etc

Samuel Coniglio of Space Tourism Society says giving birth in space is messy, you have fluids flying all over, and space Architect John Spencer has come up with a solution, a warm water birth, where a woman can give birth inside water.

Also the dangerous radiation that the atmosphere protects earthlings; it can cause serious genetic damage, sterilization or even death, we have developed suits to protect us so that is less of a head ache.

But there is good news for #TeamMafisi, one astronaut Mike M. recorded and wrote about Viagra effect when in space, he said that erection is easier and space facilitates it, a woman looks more sexy boobies bulge out 🙂 and legs thinner and sexy because no gravity to force the fluids down..Can I hear an AMEN!

It will be a historical moment when we can have sex and witness first of humankind born in space!!

A Few Simple Gestures

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I don’t usually do this, BUT here is an awesome POEM by Bradley Lester, have fun!


These are simple things I’d do, if you were mine to stay
I’d do these things, to show I care, the morn of each new day
I’d make you coffee, muffins too, and set them by your side
When you awake I’d kiss you ‘hi’, in you I would confide

I’d walk the miles in rain and sleet, to buy your favorite book
I’d walk back home, a happy man, along the gushing brook
The smell of fresh ground coffee, I enter and feel warm
I hand the covered book to you, still dry despite the storm

Your thankfulness is present, I see it in your eyes
You hold the book against your bosom, look up into the skies
Our eyes would meet, I simply nod, I know I’ve touched your heart
Your curl up now, begin to read, I leave the room and part

I’d make the lunch, you read the book, I’d do the dishes to
Just to show you that I care, and want to be with you
I’d take the washing from the line, I’d even start to iron
You read your book, I wouldn’t mind, my love for you would shine

Christian Thinkers, a Challenge To Theologians Or The Link?

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Pope John Paul II [favorite Theologian, together with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu of epic book “God is not a Christian and other provocations”] said Science can purify religion from error and superstition. Religion can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes

Albert Einstein greatest Scientist in human history and a Jew who even though like majority of intelligent humans likes of Mark Twain, Warren buffet, Bill Gates, Larry King, Graham Bell, Edwin Hubble, Paul Dirac, Charles Darwin, Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking didn’t believe in personal God [who punishes and rewards objects of his creation] he recognized religion by saying science without religion is lame and Religion without science is blind.

Science is a way of thinking more than it is a body of knowledge.

I do agree with my friend and a brother Kennedy Kipkemboi that Religion and Science MUST work together for society to flourish [and for heavens sake dude drop that “Sir! Do you believe in God!? Please answer me Lawrence!” LOL during debates]. We also agree that pastor M [@MuriithiW] of Mavuno is arguably most relevant in Kenya.

Being a Science graduate that served Church for more than six years largely in prayers intercessory, Bible study and Apologetics I have points that I think of as critical to both Science and Religion.


For the last 200 years progress in science and technology especially in areas of Medical Heath Care and Agriculture has reduced famines & eradicated plagues that ravaged population killing 20% of humans at one time, has DOUBLED human life span leading society to seek answers from Science like the Global TED talks and rely more and more on science and technology.

If science was only a body of knowledge it’s fine, but it is much more a WAY OF THINKING, this means for a pastor to capture attention and be effective he\she must sound relevant and practical to the audience.

Not limited to but here is few Christian absolutes that are very wrong.

Bible is the only way to success: Christian Thinker’s mind is in Japan, China [nation 70% Atheist Building highways for us].

Christianity is only way to good marriage: A thinker knows of resent statistic on Christian of 50% Christian couple to 50% Non Christian ratio of divorces in U.S, plus that neighbor Atheist happily married even with less pay as a Mechanic has managed to build a house and doing well.

Statistics of single parents’ children in prison A thinker wants also statistics of those successful including presidents Moi and Obama from troubled childhood and absence of a father. Are there other ways to be explored to solve the issue of absent fathers? There are.

Prayers works always because of that Missionary that healed a sick woman, a thinker wants to hear how many Missionaries prayed in those how many % were answered and how many % were Never. In that testimony of a lady that resigned her teaching job to start a business and made it to global position a thinker knows that [from way back college CU etc] the statistics for those Christians that risk same way and succeed is less than 20 %. So isn’t it wise to include that because people are going to make decisions based on what you say, half info is same as a lie, even a worldly CEO makes sure there are terms and conditions in products sold to his customers.

Bible authenticity and Authority, with many religions all with Philosophically exactly what is in the bible just changed a little what is written isn’t so important to a thinker as how it was written by who and how was it translated[How early Church was, it was at a time that so many texts were circulating].

A Christian thinker is curious to read preface of New Revised version but most important doesn’t fear to interact with Jehovah Witness, Muslims, Atheists, Scientists and learns about the translational error is Bible, careful reader and notices accounts in Jesus life in the first 4 gospels that totally contradicts.

He does not listen only, he returns to church Theologians an inquires, he is told it’s true and explained way to address it and is OK at the moment till he asks …”What other problems are under the carpet”.

Still on Bible, what of the recently discovered scrolls and manuscripts like the Nag Hammadi in Upper Egypt around 70 years ago dating as back as 5Th century [older than some of the bibles and believed to be closer to real Jesus story] this is verified info given by Theologians, biblical Archeologists via BBC and has a different story about the person Jesus. A thinker ask why not teach us about about poetic verses [stars fought for us] literal verses [Jesus wept] Contextual verses [women should not stand in church] and Imagery [revelation] because a common human will take all that as literal.

Thinkers wants [not necessarily answers] but a talk, like why the Church refuses to teach about Church history the dark Ages, Christian crusaders that killed Muslims, the political temperature of first Church before the King Constantine [400 years after Jesus death] ordered Council of Nicaea to decide\agree who Jesus WAS &to come up with Bible discarding other texts [more than 70 gospels, apocalyptic sects and teachings about Jesus] and holders killed UNITING the Nation though the new Christianity religion by the Bible.

How can one defend what they don’t know? To prepare your army well in the era of information be honest to them tell them everything, what you know, what you don’t know, what is still controversial because they will hear from your “enemy” and not trust you.

Bible being the foundation I am spending more time here. Ok, after Israel became a nation around 1946 and Biblical Archeological community went for the dig, they called main stream Archeologists because the Bible was “historically and geographically unreliable” when they dig with it on one hand, the results indicated total different stories, especially on story of David..You don’t have answers but can we have a chat about it? Can all findings and critical issue be discussed than maintaining orthodoxy, the reason SCIENCE WORKS [and religion uses it for healing sickness, transport and adopted by governments, universities, military, bankers, companies, it’s through science you read my post] is because it follows careful OBSERVATION and simple hypothesis and not AUTHORITY like religion.

Currently humans know not only how planets but stars are born evolve and finally die in supernova, we have witnessed planets being formed in cloud of dust by gravity showing how ours might have formed, it’s no longer mystery, for 150 yrs Darwin Theory of evolution has maintained and gained popularity to a point that most Theologians has accepted it, and even Vatican gave a statement to support it saying “Darwin’s Theory of evolution is not against Bible teachings” – The Guardian

Humans are spiritual beings, go to all continents and culture we have that inside self, but through it, religion has created a society that is suspicious, uninterested and hardly knows anything about science and technology yet RELIES on it, is it logical really?

I Wish

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® Lawrence Mwangi

Wish I understood your language
Wish in your planet they count time like us
Could dance in the motherly rain much longer
Rainbow bringing out you beauty

And when morning comes with its cruel sun
You won’t melt away with its rioting heat
Golden suns rays cheering in unison
Like saints in the cathedral

From the shores of angry Lake Rudolf
To slopes of lonely Mt Kilimanjaro, I will gather
My headsmen with cattle and shining spears
We’ll set a camp all night waiting for you

Looking at the shooting stars in heavens plate
And when u show up we’ll dance and dance
Our tradition songs and we will wrestle
Breaking the self consuming loneliness

Women gathering the finest perfumes
Henna, precious stones by the sneaky river
Natives preparing kids making lessons for you
Grow them to be kings and great warriors

Wishing that you will dwell amongst my people
Beautiful life without an end
Teaching you about us, how we worship
Showing ours how they gather in your land

La la la without an end……we sing
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuu la la ……we sing
The last dream before even the
Sleep goes away forever

Will Dropping Self- Deception Empty My Church? #Science

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Theologian Michael McGowan in review of the book “I Told Me So” -The Role of Self-Deception in Christian Living, claims that its good to deceive yourself or those suffering.
Martin Luther said it’s okay to tell a “good” lie for the gospel.

Before 17th Century Science was Philosophy and considered sacred, Astronomy and Astrology was one thing, ideas about Earth and our place in the grand scheme of things is as old as we emerged from E. Africa 100 000 years ago and had been passed orally or via written traditions, this can be traced back to Egyptian Alexandria library, later Hebrew writers and around 500 BC the Greeks, it was Greek Philosophers ideas that made sense and adopted as conventional truth even by the dominant religions including Christianity.

One of the ideas was that the Earth was center of Universe, that stars and planets went round us, having been created special by God it was the option that made sense. But Scientist who gathers knowledge faster that society gathered wisdom discovered that we are a small planet amongst many going round a star [Sun]. This infuriated religious establishment, Scientist like Nicholas Copernicus and Giordano Bruno were persecuted others like Galileo Galilee had to withdraw their ideas to survive. Most went underground so as to carry on with their scientific work

It was the moment Science went out of church, church didn’t sponsor scientific work, this was left to rich individuals and private organization, science continued to discover and advance and by 20th Century most plagues like Small pox etc some that killed 20% of Humans on the planet at a particular time, were eradicated. Scientist were viewed with suspicion and found it easy to discuss science with other people out there, Atheist and Agnostics, like majority of great scientist that has given us most of what we have today, people like Einstein, Max Plank, Heisenberg, Stephen Hawking.

Unlike religion, Science was found to work and became a global profession. Scientific methods were adopted to run Governments, Military, Banks, Hospitals, Companies, and Law Courts. On the other hand Church continued to suppress ideas or questioning, this led to divisions we now have around 30 thousand denominations all claiming divine revelation.

Humans are increasingly relying on Science and Technology in health, agriculture, entertainment, communication, transport, at work and computer has become a way of living. Each day more people are becoming thinkers and turning to science for answers. TED Talks is one example I tweeted few weeks ago, where everything including religion, human rights, arts, spirituality and technology are discussed.

In church I served 6 years in intercessory, bible study and Apologetic work that involved to debate with Muslims. I was almost going to Arabia as a Christian Missioner unlike then information now is all over and one doesn’t have to be a Theologian to know the translation mistakes in bible or the books that writers are not known etc. It took almost 100 years for Church to understand Evolution how it has been used to heal leprosy and Vatican being the only Christian denomination that strives to understand Science[ hats off for Pope John Paul II] and integrates with its doctrines [has observatory and priests that are scientists, Pope has 100 scientist advisers that includes who is who in science, Stephen Hawking being one] gave a statement to support it,

Even though Bible is inspired in way it fights for rights of the poor, the oppressed, battles status qua, inspiration for revolution, we all know very well that;

1. Bible is not a scientific journal.
2. Bible has a human Jew view of God.

One Theologian and a Jew said Bible has a human Jew view of God, a jealous, tribal God, a God that says you should not kill, but this is only to Jews, He is okay with killing other tribes, take Virgins and cattle as spoils, a God who doesn’t recognize humanity as a whole but a tribe, one that orders stoning of adulterous woman and okay with raping of Lot’s daughter, even a child will tell you human mother is better. You’ll say that it was annulled in New Testament but its word of God as long as it’s in the bible.

Human beings are spiritual beings even before Hebrew writers collected the texts, it was part of us and trust me if you tell people reality it won’t make them run from church, if you tell them you don’t know who wrote revelation they will not run away, it’s about time church employs Apologetic and teach its congregation the realities of bible translational errors, explanations, how ideas like trinity were concluded 325AD and later debated for years, there are gray areas in Theology, but in church they are taught as absolute truth.

Science is a way of thinking and not just a collection of knowledge, more people are becoming thinkers and interested in unknown, where was Jesus from age 12- 30 did he go to India, what was Jesus doing for 40 days after resurrection to ascensions[ Not in bible but its out there] We want to know why do Muslims claim Paul changed bible, why did we borrow most things from pagan religion and why are most Christian sites so biased to prove a certain idea like the intelligence design, try to disapprove mainstream science yet we cannot make our own cars computers or medicine, I want to see real scientist being interviewed and meeting with Theologians without feeling threatened and being defensive.

Evolution is wiser than us, look at church in 80’ and today, way of dressing sermons etc we have evolved and will continue, as Darwin said “it’s not the wise or strong, but those that adapt to change survive.” Every new generation fits in specific churches and bible being an open book you can pick any verse interpret way you feel and seems nice to majority. Unlike the youth of 300BC who married at age 15 today guys marry at 30 due to career and education yet sex is so available in your computer, we face different challenges that are the reality, so how do we address those issue or we bury head in sand?

Theologian Michael McGowan should know Self-Deception in Christian Living isn’t right at all because unlike Theologians who know reality, majority of faithful take these ideas so dear and willing to die for.

Light from a planet in constellation Cancer detected.

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For many millennia, we relied on philosophers to tell us what is out there, now with 21st century scientific tools we can see “what is” rather than ask “what should be believed”, since late 1920s Scientific observations has changed the way us humans think of ourselves and our place in the Universe, we live in a small fragile island of life, in an expanding Universe of possibilities, Arthur Eddington said “Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine”.

This week, I think on 8th, NASA announced that its $770 million Spitzer Space Telescope has detected light from an alien “super-Earth” twice the size of our own Earth 41 light years away called 55 Cancri e, since its discovery in 2005, astronomers have pinned down increasingly strange features about the planet, they already knew it was part of an alien solar system containing five exoplanets in the constellation Cancer, but a more recent study, based on the Spitzer, also suggests that “about a fifth of the planet’s mass must be made up of light elements and compounds, including water,” according to astronomers.

The search for extraterrestrial life [which goes in hand with search for habitable\Earth like planets] was brought into mainstream Science through the establishment of SETI in 60s, sincerely speaking with around 200Billion galaxies each with more than 100 billion stars most with planets, it would be odd if its only us, right? And a waste of space 🙂

Ok, before I forget Dr Michio Kaku, a professor of theoretical Physics and best selling author said “when we say we’re searching for E.I, we are not referring to little green people, but type one [planetary], type two [stellar] and type three [galactic] civilizations, don’t worry I will blog to explain it and reason we are type zero :-), the feeling that there is something like us or better than us out there, continue to inspire Science, philosophy, technology and theology.

Over 1000 exoplanets have been found in our galaxy, the Milky Way, however compared to how large the observable universe is, SETI’s efforts for last 40 years are equivalent to scooping a glass of water in an ocean, the interstellar distances are so huge that with current technology traveling to the nearest Star Alpha Centauri, 4.5Light years away, would take us around 70 000 years, journey to 55 Cancri e would be ten times that of Alpha Centauri. I know!! Lol!!

I was watching TED Talks 2009 and SETI director Jill Tarter said “The discovery of intelligent life will change everything, all at once, removing the loneliness and solipsism in us.” NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, scheduled to launch in 2018, likely will be able to learn even more about the planet’s composition. The telescope might be able to use a similar infrared method as Spitzer to search other potentially habitable planets for signs of molecules possibly related to life.