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Posted: November 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last five months has been a package of fruitful work, outstanding fun, healthy challenges and most exiting part learning. I have learn a lot, like; to have an open mind, about ALL products and services, how processes work etc, met and known many people, but the most incredible and humbling thing is the support by our bosses, other departments, customers, and the team [team awesome]

My love of new media began when Kahenya Kamuyu and Mark Kaigwa were interviewed by Larry Madowo [two to three years ago] LOL searched for Kahenya on twitter and got his blog, that was the beginning of actual blogging before I was just copy pasting stuff and joking.

Kahenyas tips transformed my writing to “excellent writing” spell checks and research before posting, his way of writing inspired, went to several social media workshops like 1% Club, met more KOT [Kenyans on twitter] and awesome bloggers and as they say the rest is history….

I am a beginner, know less but the future looks good, few new things I have learn;

Job will follow you home– Constant monitoring and engaging is what goes in there and you will always be thinking of it, about that customer you promised his issue is being looked at, about strategies… updates, one tweet can mean a lot. You own every query and follow up keeping client updated.

Being representative of your organization online, even on your personal account you’ll come a cross a feedback or complain not directed to company account and you’ll have to forward to teams concerned.

Team Work! – Great teamwork makes things happen more than anything else in organization, a powerful force, more than skills and processes. The photos here are of the team members 😀 Mercy, Mbugua, Kibe, Sarah, Carol, Kange, Elizabeth N, Elizabeth W, Kemboi & Ruddy.

Teams usually become great teams when they decide to do it for themselves, not because someone says so. Something inspires them maybe, but ultimately the team decides. It’s a team thing. It has to be. But this has been possible due to the “tell us how you’ll like it to be” “give us your opinion” approach by bosses, I now believe people are best motivated if you can involve them in designing and deciding.

Team awesome is a beast when it comes to work, this guys works like they are on some drugs, actually even call when off to know how work is “report tumefikisha?” “ile issue iliendaje?” Love doing stuff not for recognition but for the team.

They are fun to be and have a sense of humor, they’ve brought happiness in my life, lol! So last Saturday we decided to hang out at some joint in Langata, wacha ifike dancing time and man!! ..So that’s why some people are in shape and they don’t go to the gym? Guys can really dance, it was amazing!!

We have an excellent boss who keeps us updated and gives us necessary support we need, Karimi.

By itself alone Social M. won’t work!– The email with companies policy is in your outlook and you don’t work for twitter lol . You’ll have to learn many things that you may not necessarily be interested in to make it work for your company or clients, which includes PR and many more.

Load of research! – It evolves and language and trends keep changing everyday, new technologies that may be good for your clients.You’ll see OOMF,KOT,SUBARU,SUBTWEET,MKZ etc that isn’t in your dictionary

Before you used to receive specific queries, online is platform for all queries & complains, no scripts on how to answer clients on social media, it’s your judgment and the knowledge you have, you have to give a human side to the account without going too much

Its not just fun & chatting, its real WORK!-You think its fun 24\7? Well it is, until it isn’t. You have to think a lot. Especially about wording, the way you say things in your private life may not be right for your client/company. You’ll have to adapt new writing style.

It’s not just about playing around on Facebook\Twiter all day. It’s rather the complete opposite, its real work, lot of calling clients, other departments following up pending issues, getting valuable feedback that according to one colleague in our shops says “changes the atmosphere in the office”

Each tweet, each customer issue is a big thing and is followed to the end and when you have a one happy customer he\she will spread the news.

Clients complain, your reaction\response and efficiency will be visible to most of your followers, their followers and will work for or against you.

Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. ”
~ Vince Lombardi


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