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my leave

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DSCN2519DSCN2510DSCN2834DSCN2871DSCN2854DSCN2865DSCN2813DSCN2887DSCN2857 My leave was amazing I had a lot of fun and I think I really rested
My plans for leave was to go visiting places but that dint happen I decided to spend time with friends and I had loads of fun , we traveled, nyamachomas Naivasha and Kitengela with Nafthali[roasted goats ], moooooovies we watched ‘marriage counselor’ more than 4 times waaw! That’s the movie of the month ha ha ha and guyz came to my place twice for a sleep over I will post some photos here[ist day we where 13 guyz and the second almost 20 ]
It was awesome amazing, I dint know people are that a blessing, I felt loved thanks so much hope FM chatz I really treasure you guyz, you are such a blessing and as time goes by more stuff gonna come, wewe na hiyo plot yaku-do a song for the whole group we do together …I think its awesome, we have all types pf talents in the group, script writers, vocalists, instrumentalist, producers, marketers, lets do this,
I have known that God has blessed us with friends but often we take them for granted, when we are going through stuff and we praying for answers to hurts loneliness, being broke, loosing hope, etc God has already answered we just need to take time and spend with people and talk, you cant explain how much healing is with this race made in Gods image …

WE VISITED A CHILDRENS HOME WITH UPPER ROOM BS GROUP IT WAS OFF THE HOOK!! U CAN SEE THE PHOTOS and we went kwa kina Muthoki and ate like never before food food food!!!!!

on the last day other friends come to cook me pilau[alot of it], do me some manicure and pedicu
re ha ha
I am expecting a lot this season I have also thought a lot about music and might be going back to the industry but am keeping my option open ..
Well I don’t have a lot to write I don’t know where my morale for writing went but I know it will be back soon …..THAT WAS LEAVE WELL SPENT!
Be blessed I will keep u posted if something new comes up