About Me ;)

Before 2003 I was a bad boy and was headed to destruction I started believing in Jesus..View of life changed I was more positive and made great friends that has been so helpful to this day.

I am a Blogger, Data and Internet Enthusiast, Music Production Student, Chemist, Traveler,Jesus Lover, Apologist, Simple & out going.

Also very important, I love Documentaries!I have a library! #Scientific

NB:I have a weakness of over doing things 🙂 whatever captures my interest .But working on It.

  1. Deshy says:

    What God can do, no man can do! Bro. Lawi, just to say that I appreciate you. Jehovah is surely God!!

  2. me says:

    ahsante sana Ruth Deshy ..ur such an encouragement
    baraka tele

  3. Peter Kagechu says:

    Nice to read your testimony. I thank God for his redemption mission in the world.I luv the fact that you understand your calling and your talent.God bless u Bro.

  4. Albert Wasike says:

    Hi Bro., it’s amazing what the Lord can do, if only we give him a chance. Nothing is impossible!!! Lawi, God blss you.

  5. Mwalimu Chaka says:

    Sifa zote anastahili Yahweh, that whom He is
    our Saviour, our salvation
    Thanks Jesus for Golgotha

  6. SkeeterFranklin says:

    Your life is your witness, Lawi. Keep up the good work, and may God bless you ever more abundantly. I read your post on Christian Writers. I hope to hear your music too.

  7. jesusfreak7 says:

    Thaaaaaanks SkeeterFranklin God blesswe are workmanship with Jesus!!!

  8. Mama Mitchelle says:

    Wow this is nice Nebbz
    May God expand your territories
    My prayers are with you
    The music is wow
    God bless

  9. thanks dear, thats so so kind of you!!
    thanks again for prayin for me i need it.

  10. sodac says:

    this is beautiful and we SODAC members e have liked it

  11. we had you and we like it

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