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Christians Believe In ‘Evolution’.

Posted: October 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Nothing in Biology makes sense without Evolution theory by Charles Darwin, and has become one of the fundamental underlying concepts of modern science. It is well documented by evidence from a variety of scientific discipline, although still with many unanswered questions.

There has been a lot of debates and arguments about evolution but just like the Big Bang theory [see my earlier post “Christians believe in the Big bang”] it is one of the most misunderstood and controversial concepts in the eyes of the general public and I think its unfortunate situation. Science and religion are distinct.

You see, science and religion provide different ways of knowing the Earth and universe. Science proceeds by testing hypotheses and thus is restricted to natural, testable explanations. By definition, science is unable to confirm or deny the existence or work of a Creator; such questions are beyond the realm of science. As a scientific concept, evolution therefore can make no reference to a Creator. Many people of faith, including scientists, find no conflict between evolution and their religion; in fact, many religious denominations have issued statements supporting evolution. Science and religion need not conflict.

The bible is not a science journal and cannot be used to approve or disapprove science, same case applies, science cannot disapprove or approve God or Faith.

Life on Earth has changed through time. It has evolved. Change through time is a widely accepted meaning of the word evolution. We speak of the evolution of the English language, the evolution of the automobile, or the evolution of politics in the United States. In natural history, biological or organic evolution means change in populations of living organisms on planet Earth through time. Evolution is the best scientific explanation for this change.

As we continue to learn about life on Earth, the theory of evolution will itself evolve. Science is provisional truth; it changes, not eternal truth and I think Darwin would have been the first to throw his Origin of Species book if there was another theory supported by new evidence.

That is the strength, adventure, and excitement of doing science!!!