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Events surrounding my life in the past 12 months!!

Posted: December 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

The year has been the most exiting in my life …an generally it has been my happiest year and full of peace, less confusion as compared to years back.
I had the most exiting moments in my life …starting from hosting my friends the hope chartez twice in my house for overnight, bonding ,starting music production classes and being able to make tracks, loving my work,
And most important …I..think…I …. met a girl!!!! oh AM EXITED! he he but am no gonna tok bout it here..we are still getting to know each other, i have made several friends at workplace and outside.
I happened to watch the greatest movies of the year on big Screen the movie ‘2012’ , ‘This is it’ by Michael Jackson, also i happened to watched the DVDs of ‘Hangover’ the comedy of the year and ‘Year One’, Ice Age 3 Madagascar 3, am waiting for ‘Avatar’ before the year ends ha ha,
The TV series ‘Fringe’ it’s a Sci-FI and ‘Legend of the Seeker ‘ a medieval story very exiting.
Then another fabulous thing the year has rushed like a comment..I JUST CAN’T UNDERSTAND HOW THAT YEAR HAS ENDED
I realized i can write poems and that was a landmark in my life i wrote several poems!!! Thanks to God am still exited bout poems..ze poems..i also realised am one hell good marketer and i think that’s what am gonna do when i enroll back to do masters next year God willing.

The LORD has been faithful and His grace sufficient. Spiritually it has been so so challenging wow! i admit BIG SHIT did happen
Another bad news is i have added weight he he but am planning [have been planning for centuries] to start gym
well am still adjusting my ‘life outside ministry’ as a put tho ministry is a day today life but i cant compare to them days when i was in Intercessory team , i was very fiery and vocal to my faith
i think its a result of less prayers and less bible reading less fellowship my job demands i work even Sundays sometimes , am striving to improve on that area coming year God help me, another bad news i have not been consistent with updating my blog 😦 😦 thats bad, thanks to Joseph Kigume my work colleague who noted that ..i promise to be more committed coming year but one thing is i have been having limited internet access so thats the reason i largely use my phone to update facebook status and you cant post on your blog using a phone , you see
Another saddening new is end of ‘PRISON BREAK’ that TV series rocked our lives who can deny that? and the TV series ‘LOST’ got lost they should go home they are doing nothing from season 3 ..its a total disappointment

Facebook and Twitter has also contributed to my fulfillment .he he u gona like this, many people even tell me ‘I ONLY GO TO FACEBOOK BECAUSE OF YOUR UPDATES’ another lady from work send me an email the other day ‘I LIKE YOUR FACEBOOK UPDATES, MOST THE TIME THEY TICKLE ME ‘ lol, wow ! okay i will post here some of the updates.

Back at home, did i tell you i come from a humble background? mmhhh right, my mum is a single mum raising 4 kids 3 ladies and one naughty son me..well it hasn’t been a smooth road but am happy there is peace and great peace in my family 3 sisters have finishes their secondary education we celebrated that ,the other is in college . One of my small siz gave her life to Jesus..Somebody say AMEN!! Let the LORD be Glorified period. my family isnt blessed with much money but they gat blessed with love , peace , and good health , and its even in the extended family from when i was born we have heard only 3 burials my grand father and my causing ..its a blessed family and i thank God , they gat great hearts too!! Loving people. So, for this year I can say my family has done well really well and there is reason to thank Jehovah Jireh

I love music and I must say some musicians have made me happy personally Wyre the love child’s Album has made me happy the dude is totally talented , its a composition of 20 great reggae dancehall , and its with the great song ‘Uprising’

on the gospel scene the WAKORINO Allan Aaron with their song ‘WIMUTHERU'[ur holy] and the collabo with Daddy Owen ‘KIRIRO'[the cry] this two guys are deep and has brought a whole new idear in the music scene God bless them and they have a great testimony God has really brought them from far …its good to hear that, those are just but a few.
there are other songs and artist who have always been there but i discovered their great songs Gyptian, Etana waw! discovered her on Dec this yeah she a gwan ..also Queen Ifrica, the song ‘Ukweli’ by Eric Wainaina has rocked better half of my year ..the song is awesome!!
Also Nameless and Habida’s song ‘sun shine’ was off the hook
uuuiiiiiiiiiiii i almost forgote Tusker Project Fame 3 Alpha and Ng’ang’alitoz rocked our screens for the few weeks ..hoe did Ng’ang’alito survive all those probations to be the run up , n way wish him luck he won the hearts of many and taught me a lesson ‘ believe in yourself no mater what a gwan’!!

Politics isnt my business it sucks…i leave it to media

On environmental conservation and specific the Mau forest complex ,I was born in Mau Narok and spent better part of my childhood in the area , when i was in standard 7 that is like 1994 I was 12 yrs old, persons from a certain regions were given 5 acres of free forest land to fell trees and plant crops as long as they were adults[they are 18 yrs and have an ID],i remember most of my class mates were my age but they faked their age to get an ID and have the forest land for free , 5 acres! so a family of 4 children together with mum and dad is 30 acres!, We had several school drop outs he he …so the whole of Mau Forest was invaded and destroyed guyz made millions out of that divine water catchments area as a result rains reduced rivers dried up and lakes like Lake Nakuru and Elementaita,Baringo are fast drying up, the Masai Mara a site related to wild beast migration, one of the eight wonders of the world F.Y.I has been worst hit .Thank God the Government after international pressure have stepped up Campaign to conserve the Mau forest by removing the all illegal settlers. I thank the Prime minister Raila Odinga Kudo!