Sex In Space \(*_*)/

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Uncategorized


The future of mankind itself may eventually depend on one question, “Can we have sex in the weightlessness of space?” Sex connects us and is a great source of pleasure but most important it propagates our species.

65 Million years ago, a stone the size of Mt Everest smashed on earth at the now Yucatan Peninsula and started a chain of events that eventually ended more than 100 Million years of dinosaur era on the planet, chances of such are small, like once in 5000 years BUT it cant be ruled out, having our species spread in space, or being a two planet species might save mankind from extinction in an event like that.

“Humankind needs to survive for the next 200 years and we will have already started spreading to space” – Prof Stephen Hawking

Last 50 years has seen us traveling to space and back, one thing we’ve leant is that it’s a very hard task to even kiss leave alone shagging, when floating freely any touch send the other person spinning lol! Remember Newton’s law of motion?

Vanna Bonta is a science writer who took the challenge to make, and with her husband test [in micro gravity]a space garment for couples, it can be zipped and unzipped to attach the other partner and facilitate sex, and also intimacy or hanging out.

NASA is planning to have a 3 year human mission to Mars by 2030; will we bring sex with us? Being an organization of engineers, by engineers and for engineers, who knows light is either On or Off no gray areas LOL, subject of sex has never come up, its like a taboo but as one lady scientist Sheryl L. Bishop points out, this isn’t right, we have to be realistic, ignoring the subject or suggestions like having same sex team or having couples; husband and wife is unrealistic, best suggestion is to have sexually mature scientists taken to a place like Antarctica for 7 months or so, live together have issues and know how to deal with them to void compromising the mission.

Also Dr Michio Kaku author Physics of the future [dude is my favorite] says, NASA is funded by TAX payers and discussing sex might seem to the public as saying “we are going spending your millions of dollars to have sex escapades..”

On the proposal for the Mars mission nowhere sex was mentioned, even though psychologists and psychiatrists say sexual, emotional, psychological and physical intimacy is vital for well being of the cosmonauts.

But the sex is the easy bit, as space medicine associate Dr Jim Logan says, moving from terrestrial civilization to weightless of space has many challenges like bone losing calcium, red cells lose mass, heart becoming lazy, and skeletal mass become weak, experiments on rats done in 1955, from fetus, birth &development showed rats born of a male that spent time in space has growth retardation, kidney failure and sensory system problems. He added that we need more mammalian studies to see fertilization, birth, development and birth of first generation in space.

Several proposals have been made most in the highly anticipated space tourism industry lead by Virgin Galactic by Richard Branson, by 2050 we might be having like a centrifugal machine that creates gravity where pregnant women can spend hours, sleeping tube like posh apparatus where couples can enjoy sex together etc

Samuel Coniglio of Space Tourism Society says giving birth in space is messy, you have fluids flying all over, and space Architect John Spencer has come up with a solution, a warm water birth, where a woman can give birth inside water.

Also the dangerous radiation that the atmosphere protects earthlings; it can cause serious genetic damage, sterilization or even death, we have developed suits to protect us so that is less of a head ache.

But there is good news for #TeamMafisi, one astronaut Mike M. recorded and wrote about Viagra effect when in space, he said that erection is easier and space facilitates it, a woman looks more sexy boobies bulge out 🙂 and legs thinner and sexy because no gravity to force the fluids down..Can I hear an AMEN!

It will be a historical moment when we can have sex and witness first of humankind born in space!!


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