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As a young bouy so long as me belly was full, dint bedwet again, mums serials I stole are hidden safely to fund “translated” Schwarzenegger, Rambo, Van Dame video shows, and tomorrow was not school, I was sorted, I dint care were I slept, my education, good roads, good heath etc.

Being a teen brought with it new interest, I suddenly knew that girls are little treasures, my innocent “cha baba na mama” turned to ways to seek attention, please them and hunting them, I gave up all other interest I had earlier for them, I talked, slept and charts with ma nizzles centered on them. We fantasized about traveling to far kingdoms like Ethiopia and coming back with one. I even started ka long distance thingie with a mamaa called Milkias from Ethiopia, calls were so expensive and it dint last after I talked shit on an email. Hahaha.

But I was going through a thing, I battled with low self esteem, I have been the last in class now for decades, the bad boy in the village, and a lil’ thief, some neighbors predicted I will become a “mapipa” street kid, or end up in jail. So the girl I wanted became elusive, unless its those “only by luck”, they liked niggas that were serious and seemed to go somewhere, I realized when I shine in class mothers in the village liked me and won’t mind me being around their dawtaz.

Books opened a new galaxy and became another interest besides a girl and traveling, until I hit college and met Jesus, things really took another turn, not that my interest died but I had a different look of things, I knew I have a purpose in this world besides “my interest”. I started looking at other peoples needs and saw the suffering, abuse, waste and I wished if only they met Jesus and their perspective of life will change, wounds healed and a new hope beyond this world.

I grew again after feeding with information and I realized majority of those suffering SHOULD NOT BE SUFFERING!. Some corrupt nikka in the government is enriching himself at their expense, I saw how Kenya’s have lost their jobs, businesses, investment and even lives due to corruption, I discovered how Kenya has vast recourses including enough rain that causes floods yet every year there are people dying of hunger, how there is enough Kenyan maize and sugar but some selfish nikka is allowed to cause “shortage” so as to import cheap from abroad and rake millions. I now begin to loose my temper….

My breathing becames heavy and fast when I realized how in the name of Jesus and Bible some people have played poker on desperate Kenyans who are ready to believe anything that’s promises a better life..and gives hope, I see people giving their saving to be laid hands for richness and husbands. I get confused who to blame, the one not reading the Book he\she puts all their faith in or the thief.

I explode take imaginary gun and start shooting at imaginary thieves when money set aside by donors to help children from poor areas get free education is stolen by someone. You’d rather steal everything but not education, you have really messed someone’s entire life and even his children, while your children are abroad.Shame on you!

At this point am confused weather God really exists like Mother Teresa was once but then I remember Albert Einstein’s quote that “Subtle is the Lord, but malicious He is not”. NOTE: Atheist friend Thomas and Wachira Emmanuel don’t use this agains me on our debates….moving along swiftly….

Come time for new constitution and Kenyans give me hope by deciding for themselves and due to media most Kenyans are beginning to know their rights and that those Politicians are after their own stomach and always defending their own.

They were exposed, 40 politicians traveling to Hague while IDPs are still suffering in camps and has never been visited by 40 MPs…. Some decided they will strip naked for their own (as if we give a damn!)But not for any Kenyan suffering without food, #shame on them #shame on me for choosing them.

True be said sometimes life is unfair and sucks, when you look at the sufferings around..most of it is from our wrong choices, some we don’t have control of, but there is a reason to smile, hope is not lost, I can smell a revolution but for it to happen people must get really annoyed……Its Kenyans that allow them so when the time comes and they wake up they shall bring them down as my friend and brother Hagelin Kiprop Rono puts it. I smile because God loves Kenya, we have come from far during dark Moi’s era and there is a reason to thank God.

And guess what?There is a shortage of condoms in Kenya and guyz are recycling it, that’s just nasty!What the hell is not happening?Is some politician wearing our damn condoms??

We have the solutions to our probles, look in the mirror and thats the leader, politician, lawmaker, teacher, pastor, CEO that you wish for, we know what to do we know by the power of our voters card we can make this country a better place for our future generations.God bless Kenya!