Christian Thinkers, a Challenge To Theologians Or The Link?

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Pope John Paul II [favorite Theologian, together with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu of epic book “God is not a Christian and other provocations”] said Science can purify religion from error and superstition. Religion can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes

Albert Einstein greatest Scientist in human history and a Jew who even though like majority of intelligent humans likes of Mark Twain, Warren buffet, Bill Gates, Larry King, Graham Bell, Edwin Hubble, Paul Dirac, Charles Darwin, Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking didn’t believe in personal God [who punishes and rewards objects of his creation] he recognized religion by saying science without religion is lame and Religion without science is blind.

Science is a way of thinking more than it is a body of knowledge.

I do agree with my friend and a brother Kennedy Kipkemboi that Religion and Science MUST work together for society to flourish [and for heavens sake dude drop that “Sir! Do you believe in God!? Please answer me Lawrence!” LOL during debates]. We also agree that pastor M [@MuriithiW] of Mavuno is arguably most relevant in Kenya.

Being a Science graduate that served Church for more than six years largely in prayers intercessory, Bible study and Apologetics I have points that I think of as critical to both Science and Religion.


For the last 200 years progress in science and technology especially in areas of Medical Heath Care and Agriculture has reduced famines & eradicated plagues that ravaged population killing 20% of humans at one time, has DOUBLED human life span leading society to seek answers from Science like the Global TED talks and rely more and more on science and technology.

If science was only a body of knowledge it’s fine, but it is much more a WAY OF THINKING, this means for a pastor to capture attention and be effective he\she must sound relevant and practical to the audience.

Not limited to but here is few Christian absolutes that are very wrong.

Bible is the only way to success: Christian Thinker’s mind is in Japan, China [nation 70% Atheist Building highways for us].

Christianity is only way to good marriage: A thinker knows of resent statistic on Christian of 50% Christian couple to 50% Non Christian ratio of divorces in U.S, plus that neighbor Atheist happily married even with less pay as a Mechanic has managed to build a house and doing well.

Statistics of single parents’ children in prison A thinker wants also statistics of those successful including presidents Moi and Obama from troubled childhood and absence of a father. Are there other ways to be explored to solve the issue of absent fathers? There are.

Prayers works always because of that Missionary that healed a sick woman, a thinker wants to hear how many Missionaries prayed in those how many % were answered and how many % were Never. In that testimony of a lady that resigned her teaching job to start a business and made it to global position a thinker knows that [from way back college CU etc] the statistics for those Christians that risk same way and succeed is less than 20 %. So isn’t it wise to include that because people are going to make decisions based on what you say, half info is same as a lie, even a worldly CEO makes sure there are terms and conditions in products sold to his customers.

Bible authenticity and Authority, with many religions all with Philosophically exactly what is in the bible just changed a little what is written isn’t so important to a thinker as how it was written by who and how was it translated[How early Church was, it was at a time that so many texts were circulating].

A Christian thinker is curious to read preface of New Revised version but most important doesn’t fear to interact with Jehovah Witness, Muslims, Atheists, Scientists and learns about the translational error is Bible, careful reader and notices accounts in Jesus life in the first 4 gospels that totally contradicts.

He does not listen only, he returns to church Theologians an inquires, he is told it’s true and explained way to address it and is OK at the moment till he asks …”What other problems are under the carpet”.

Still on Bible, what of the recently discovered scrolls and manuscripts like the Nag Hammadi in Upper Egypt around 70 years ago dating as back as 5Th century [older than some of the bibles and believed to be closer to real Jesus story] this is verified info given by Theologians, biblical Archeologists via BBC and has a different story about the person Jesus. A thinker ask why not teach us about about poetic verses [stars fought for us] literal verses [Jesus wept] Contextual verses [women should not stand in church] and Imagery [revelation] because a common human will take all that as literal.

Thinkers wants [not necessarily answers] but a talk, like why the Church refuses to teach about Church history the dark Ages, Christian crusaders that killed Muslims, the political temperature of first Church before the King Constantine [400 years after Jesus death] ordered Council of Nicaea to decide\agree who Jesus WAS &to come up with Bible discarding other texts [more than 70 gospels, apocalyptic sects and teachings about Jesus] and holders killed UNITING the Nation though the new Christianity religion by the Bible.

How can one defend what they don’t know? To prepare your army well in the era of information be honest to them tell them everything, what you know, what you don’t know, what is still controversial because they will hear from your “enemy” and not trust you.

Bible being the foundation I am spending more time here. Ok, after Israel became a nation around 1946 and Biblical Archeological community went for the dig, they called main stream Archeologists because the Bible was “historically and geographically unreliable” when they dig with it on one hand, the results indicated total different stories, especially on story of David..You don’t have answers but can we have a chat about it? Can all findings and critical issue be discussed than maintaining orthodoxy, the reason SCIENCE WORKS [and religion uses it for healing sickness, transport and adopted by governments, universities, military, bankers, companies, it’s through science you read my post] is because it follows careful OBSERVATION and simple hypothesis and not AUTHORITY like religion.

Currently humans know not only how planets but stars are born evolve and finally die in supernova, we have witnessed planets being formed in cloud of dust by gravity showing how ours might have formed, it’s no longer mystery, for 150 yrs Darwin Theory of evolution has maintained and gained popularity to a point that most Theologians has accepted it, and even Vatican gave a statement to support it saying “Darwin’s Theory of evolution is not against Bible teachings” – The Guardian

Humans are spiritual beings, go to all continents and culture we have that inside self, but through it, religion has created a society that is suspicious, uninterested and hardly knows anything about science and technology yet RELIES on it, is it logical really?

  1. Ransacking the internet for somewhere to say what just occurred in my thoughts. Odd I know but I have thoughts from time to time that reach a place of “wow I want to share no matter what” and can not find a receiver in spite of the millions of outlets available in today’s world. It is spiritual, soulish/thought/mind and fleshly so it is hitting all points. It is political because of the election and I supported Mitt Romney and republicans. It is social because I accept President Obama as my president with disagreements of policy though I am a truck driver not a politician. It is mind because I am convinced that we are separated by our thinking, not our race,class and beliefs. It is fleshly because I am not in agreement with the nationalistic, socialistic or economic ranting of group against group,nation against nation, people against people, sex against sex or idea against idea. Are we still able to see the maple tree in North Carolina in November? It has leaves of green, red, yellow, white, purple, pink, black, orange, brown,magenta,tan,and other shades that I have no English word to describe. Would the LORD care if all the “white” people died and burned in hell like the leaves burn in an autumn yard pile? What if there had never been white people? What is a white person? I am called white but when I look at myself naked in the bathroom mirror I am a mixture of shades of color; a lumpy pink under my shirt and pants, a dark brown on my arms,neck and shins and purple under my eyes. My family has been in this land for hundreds of years. We had no slaves,no wealth. My grandmother has been dead for 10 years and hoed cotton for her shoes which my aunt has to this day. She went to school for eight years and worked as a sharecropper but she was “WHITE?” Yes whatever white means. My dad read meters for the electric company and built our house STARTING BY CUTTING THE TREES TO TAKE TO THE LUMBER MILL for the timbers. I am told that it is my fault that ‘black people” were captured and loaded onto ships in western Africa and shipped to the Western Indies, America and Europe to toil as slaves for “white people” for 400 years. TRUE. They were. I was not here. I do not have slaves. i do not want to be a slave. I am sure it is wrong for ANYONE to EVER be the property of another. Why does my heart still bear the sins of my great-great-great grandparents? Even though they did not have slaves? Why do those persons who have a ‘different skin color’ hate to the point where they are willing to kill for a condition they do not live in? What if there were no ‘black people’? Would everything be wonderful for the other people that are here? Women wear makeup all over the world. Today’s cosmetics would be far different if there were no black people for George Carver the peanut farmer who had black skin made the peanut base that is the foundation of all of today’s women’s cosmetics. What if there were no brown people? What if there were no oriental/Asian people with their “slitty eyes”? They are not yellow in the sense that I can with my eyes see yellow; a cantaloupe is yellow on the inside and it does not look Chinese to me. Perhaps all the other people would be happier if there were no “yellow people” because if there were no “yellow people” there would be no gunpowder. What if there were no “brown people”? There would be no radio, TV or telephone if there were no “brown people” because there would have not been a Marconi who invented it. My thoughts were following a search on the internet which led to a website that says our country of America is failing because of immigration, the dying off of white people, the influx of black and brown people and the black and brown people are “eating up” the wealth of the nation and the power of the “white people”. I do not understand. Why did we fail so badly in communicating the message of Jesus Christ? Have we not learned yet that HE died for souls? What color is my soul after my “white skin” has rotted in the ground? Does it turn black ? Brown? Yellow? If it does what does that mean for the people with those colors of skin when they die and their skin rots in the ground? The last time anyone checked, everyone dies no matter what color their skin. Then what happens? I do not know what will happen in the future except that the bible says the Lord will judge all the earth(people) when he is ready to do so. Until then I do not know how to follow Him except by what he left us in the bible which is to love our enemies,and trust in Him that has saved us by His grace through faith not our deeds because our deeds do not measure up on our very best day.

  2. well this is sad, while I cannot claim to be in your shoes to feel the magnitude but can tell your disappointment, and from a human point of view this is very bad, us blacks too have a tenancy to like “Our own” but all of us Black White Colored forget we were one color at one time, color arose due to evolution juts like America is about who came earlier it wast occupied by anyone ..Kenya Uganda Tanzania where I live are boundaries that were put by colonial masters.
    The groupings of color, county tribes religion has evolution importance to strengthen inner groups that is why in the Bible O.T we read do not kill but can kill other tribes, its evolution, but education is supposed to help us arise above that and be one race.
    Thanks for posting.

  3. Man Wale says:

    Good thoughts this ones!! Keep up the good job man!

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