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Your fellow-ship!Share
® Lawrence Mwangi

Inside my heart is a precious candle
On top of rugged volcanic hills in me
Silent breeze and wind blowing
Making its flame dance like an angel

I normally feel it an see its light
warm, dazzling in the lonely night
Lookin feeble but it has the might
To scare creepy zombies and voices

Sometimes winds are so strong for it
Depending on what I watch, hear
Friends I hang out with
Or how unfair it has been for faithfuls

sometimes I hardly feel my precious
I sit under the acacia tree all alone
Cold breeze , no birds singing
What happened, what went wrong

I walk down the valley .
To the river bed , throwing stones
I hear a tap on my shoulder ‘hey Lawi!’
Its my friends ..I smile ..hurray

We sit and decide to campfire
Mr. Jabali brings a wild pig we roast
Miss Nyota dances with the guitar
Slowly I forget ma worries as we pray

Dude Deli opens his heart to us
The girl Waridi tell us her life story..
Tears of joy roll our cheeks as we identify
With their situations and the paths

On the horizon I start now to see ..yeah
Little precious candle! Just waiting me to
Realize the grace has always been sufficient
Paul said never neglect the fellowship

Ebenezer that Loves I
® Lawrence Mwangi

I cried tears of desperation in I desert
Inside caves ravens brought your love
The echoes of your voice calling …
May son I love you …reached out to I

Your sweet word, kept I going
Your promised so eternal and Ital
Quenched I eternal thirst for real
What can I man be without u

In mars the beautiful red planet
The waters of Europa Jupiter’s moon
In the deep deserts of Africa is your spirit
In I office as I sit to serve I feel you

In middle of I mess your big hand reaches
When I head went down with shame
Them checking what will happen wit’ me
Your hand was always around I father

I wish-e
® Lawrence Mwangi

Wish I understood your language
Wish in your planet they count time like us
Could dance in the motherly rain much longer
Rainbow bringing out you beauty

And when morning comes with its cruel sun
You won’t melt away with its rioting heat
Golden suns rays cheering in unison
Like saints in the cathedral

From the shores of angry Lake Rudolf
To slopes of lonely Mt Kilimanjaro, I will gather
My headsmen with cattle and shining spears
We’ll set a camp all night waiting for you

Looking at the shooting stars in heavens plate
And when u show up we’ll dance and dance
Our tradition songs and we will wrestle
Breaking the self consuming loneliness

Women gathering the finest perfumes
Henna, precious stones by the sneaky river
Natives preparing kids making lessons for you
Grow them to be kings and great warriors

Wishing that you will dwell amongst my people
Beautiful life without an end
Teaching you about us, how we worship
Showing ours how they gather in your land

La la la without an end……we sing
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuu la la ……we sing
The last dream before even the
Sleep goes away forever