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The Rumor

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The Rumor
by Lawrence Mwangi & James Nguyo Gitonga

The rumor crept from the four winds,
Like cold breeze hovering over the plains,
Birthing rioting waves in the veins.

The ground beneath was quaking,
Distant shrieks in the woods could be heard,
The owls and the wolfs sounded repentant.

Grey billows crept in the skies above,
Sending hazy shadows on the shroud of grass.
As her shadow slandered out into the lilies,

A leave waver past, dithering in the soft winds,
There was no sense of direction,
And time was in a standstill.

She still stood there, no one answered
Her shadow cast across the stream,
Like a raven bowing to its deity.

Time burst into reality,
We shook hands in the pain of parting
And silhouetted into away

Rising star
by James Nguyo Gitonga

I will shout out to the skies,
And let the stars hear my words,

I will sing to the seas
And let the waves play to my tune

I will shout out into the forests,
And let the trees shake to my song,

To every being
And to every caring soul,
The best there can be,
As when the tune breaks into the heart

………so lets sing,
And let every joint bend to the beat, sing, sing
Let the soul feel the joy,

Every morning,
The birds welcome the light,
And when I see the veil of darkness wear away,
And the rising morning star shines across,
I know that in my heart
I have one more song to sing

So let the tune rise with he rising star,
And let my soul be crowned with joy (be joyful) (full of joy)
And I will shout out into the skies,
The tunes of my soul.

………so lets sing,
And let every joint bend to the beat, sing, sing
Let the soul feel the joy