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Why are Christian Movies So Bad?

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Why are Christian Movies So Bad?

maze nimekua ni kithing about this story for long untill i found this article in a Christian forum ..Not only does it happen in Hollywood look at our ‘local artistes’ here in Nairobi, the music videos being produced are of very low standard and they say as long as the message is passed that’s the most important …..listen to choir songs and some gospel stuff and compare with secular ……..that’s not wise……even as you pass the message quality is very important ..i remember when I was doing my song I could have done a full album everybody wanted me to do that but I knew coz of short time [I was on leave] I will produce poor quality stuff ..Everyone who watched the song praised it …and I spent a lot of money on it and time ..the song I re-did it like 4 times … that’s y it dint take long to be played on TV its time we style up as gospel artist and actors alike and take over the Industry I have watched Chronicles of Narnia, Lord Of The Rings, Marriage Cancelor, why did I get married , Passion of Christ and Fireproof and we can do nice stuff believe me ….its my dream that I never tell anybody to act!! Tho Am totally shy on stage ha ha nimejaribu mara mob sana

Read the stuff below I found in a forum!!! Its true..i love being criticized


The above points all lead to one predominant problem: young Christians aren’t encouraged or trained to become great artists. If a young Christian wants to become a filmmaker, they are often either discouraged to do so because Hollywood is so dangerous, or if they do find encouragement, they have a hard time getting proper training. There are two primary things that can foster someone becoming a better artist: one, seeing and being inspired by hundreds of great films, and two, getting a great artistic education. For better or worse, many parents won’t allow their kids to see some of the great films (because of questionable content), and many Christian kids are discouraged from attending the best film schools (also because of questionable content). This not only impacts potential filmmakers, but actors as well.

Therefore, when Hollywood starts to pursue more faith-based films and filmmakers (which they have), they find the cupboard bare. So even if and when they decide to make a faith-based film, they have a hard time finding great Christian filmmakers or actors, which affects both the film and the publicity. A name actor in an action or comic book film is willing to go to Comic-con to promote their film to film buffs and nerds; they know they need to go where the core fans are. This publicity is necessary of course. But if they starred in a faith-based or Biblical film, are they going to go to a church or a Christian convention to promote it to the core fans? Not likely.

Yes, it’s true that Hollywood should do a better job of understanding and relating to the heartland Christian audience. But at some point the Christian community needs to know its role in the problem. I’m talking to myself here, too. I’m a Christian, I’m a filmmaker. I’ve made a few films, and they were pretty good, but they weren’t good enough. I’ve got to get better. We can complain all we want about how Hollywood doesn’t reflect our values, but we lose that right if we’re not producing great projects and artists of our own.

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