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WE SHALL BE “GODS” SOON! ~Scientists

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Imagine a world we shall not be aging, no dying, no more Kenya Power blackouts, reason? We shall be taping on vast power of the ordinary seawater to create unlimited amounts of energy due to thermonuclear reactions on the Planet Earth, a world were computers will read your brain and execute that action, imagine teleporting!?Yes like in FRINGE series, thats what we talking about real stuff! Now imagine that honey moon in another planet let say mass or one of the Jupiter’s moon 😀

I admit today’s technology and world is really changing very fast!Experts such as Ray Kurzweil, Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawking whom I do respect and admire and others have proposed ideas that are mind-blowing and way out of our imagination, that doesn’t mean they are impossible…most of things we enjoy in 21st Century were mythical creatures few decades ago.

In our native cave man understanding, a god is someone who can appear and disappear just like that! He can control things by his thoughts without movement, he can fly in the sky like a bird, can move to other planets, He NEVER dies!Well theoretically man can do all those. Look at below facts

Live Forever -Biotechnology Will Stop Aging

Futurist Ray Kurzweil says the coming biotechnology revolution will allow us, in the next 15 to 20 years, to reprogram our genes to resist both aging and disease. By mid-century, we may all be kept healthy and young by billions of nanorobots inside of our bodies. According to Kurzweil, this breakthrough will open the gates of immortality.

Control Things by Thoughts – Computers Will Read Our Thoughts

Technology is replicating and replacing functions long held in the brain. What does offloading your brain to technology mean for such vital human capacities as memory and creativity? Dr. Gary Small, Professor of Psychiatry and Aging, UCLA School of Medicine, says in the future you will wear a headband that will read your thoughts, so when you think a thought it will be translated wirelessly.

Never Ending Source of Energy- Energy From Fusion in 20 Years.

Sure, scientists always say that fusion is 20 years away, but this time theoretical physicist Michio Kaku says it’s for real. How significant would this be? Dr. Kaku tells Big Think News company “Fusion is the power of the sun, the possibility of using ordinary seawater to create unlimited amounts of energy due to thermonuclear reactions on the Planet Earth.” Kaku adds that possessing such a vast amount of clean power in just two decades might not be one moment too soon, as the planet may very well be choking on greenhouse gases.

Abandon Earth for Another Planet.

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking says all we have to do is survive another two hundred years and the human race will be saved, because by that point human settlements in space will already be well-established. “I believe that the long-term future of the human race must be in space,” Hawking tells Big Think news company.
By the way have you watched “Terraforming Plane Mars” great Ideas?

Appear and Disappear in Another Place-Teleportation.

Teleportation is a term that refers to a number or theories and notions concerning the transfer of matter, energy or information between two places without it having to traverse the distance between them by conventional means, I could be in Imara my crib and appear Kileleshwa or Dandora or even UK, has inspired many science fiction movies and TV series like FRINGE, reminds me its long since they released another episode what cuting !?

Am so exited and happy for those developments. But in the past we had almost 6 wipe outs, most were brought by natural calamities like huge Asteroid that hit Mexico‘s Yucatan Penninsula 65 million years ago wiping off the dinosaurs along with most life on Earth, the huge Siberian volcano. It rained fire and acid rain for hundreds of thousands of years and destroyed 95% of Earths species 250 million years ago worst extinction event the planet has ever witnessed, we still have possibility of a wipe out by gamma ray burst, I won’t go into details of that now, but clearly those are things among many we cannot control. There are thousands dying of hunger and lack of clean water any development like one for fusion energy seems a great idea.

The planet Earth itself scientist say is so perfect and balances “like it was waiting for us” Magnetic field (from rotating iron core in the crust)that deflects lethal cosmic radiation,ozone layer that protects us from dangerous UV radiation,orbiting at distance from Sun not too hot not too cold for living things to survive.

God did that before creating us. My thoughts, we cannot be “Gods” we are limited but true life will be lot easier.


Prophet Downgrades Mombasa Earthquake Forecast

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Mombasa Kenya — After incorrectly predicting that the Kenyan Coast would be rocked by a major earthquake and tsunami In 1st August, Nabii Wamalwa, who runs an independent prophetic ministry, downgraded his prediction to “some slight tremors which may be felt by a handful of people in Diani Southern Coast.

“By God’s grace, the terrible catastrophe I prophesied has been averted because people repented and prayed,” he said in an online statement to his 120,000 ministry supporters.

The massive tsunami God was going to send will instead be a “spiritual tsunami, a wave of God’s blessing that will cover Mombasa,” he said.

Participants in Wamalwa’s online chartroom were ecstatic.

“Nabii Wamalwa continues to demonstrate his powerful anointing,” said a longtime Wamalwa fan in a post last Tuesday. “Every disaster he has prophesied in the past 20 years has been averted through prayer. Praise God, people!!!!!” •

NOTE:This is a Christian satirical post, names and events are fictional.

Christians Believe in Big Bang Theory.

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I love theoretical Physics and Cosmology, come to my crib I have a library of documentaries, I spend a lot of time listening to Dr Michio Kaku, Lawrence Krauss, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Dr. Brian Cox and John Polkinghorne theoretical physicist, theologian, and Anglican priest, doesn’t always go very well with girl who loves “we” watch mushy..I love mushy too 😀 (been writing this from Monday)

First and foremost there have been very many misconceptions about the big bang, f.y.i the term “Big Bang” was originally coined in 1950 by Sir Fred Hoyle, a staunch opponent of the theory. Note the theory

1. Is not about the origin of the universe. Rather, its primary focus is the development of the universe over time

2. Has nothing like explosion but expansion of space time

The simplest description of the theory would be something like: “In the distant past, the universe was very dense and hot; since then it has expanded, becoming less dense and cooler.” The word “expanded” should not be taken to mean that matter flies apart. Rather, all things are moving away from each other.

It is like having an infinite rubber sheet with people sitting on it. Stretch the rubber sheet, and all the people move away from one another. Each things they are at the center of an explosion. It is an optical illusion – everybody moves away from everybody else and there is no center.

The theory is the most comprehensive and accurate explanation supported by scientific evidence and observations.

In 1929, Edwin Hubble using Hooker telescope at Mount Wilson Observatory discovered that all very distant galaxies and clusters have an apparent velocity directly away from our vantage point: the farther away, the higher the apparent velocity (planet and stars were expanding and moving away from each other)

If the distance between galaxy clusters is increasing today, everything must have been closer together in the past. This idea has been considered in detail back in time to extreme densities and temperatures, and large particle accelerators have been built to experiment on and test such conditions, resulting in significant confirmation of this theory.

Independently Georges Lemaître, a Belgian physicist and Roman Catholic priest, proposed that the inferred recession of the nebulae was due to the expansion of the Universe.
Huge strides in Big Bang cosmology have been made since the late 1990s as a result of major advances in telescope technology as well as the analysis of copious data from satellites such as COBE, the Hubble Space Telescope and WMAP.

Cosmologists now have fairly precise and accurate measurements of many of the parameters of the Big Bang model, and have made the unexpected discovery that the expansion of the Universe appears to be accelerating.

Next post we shall try to figure out “what came before the big bang” and we shall focus on Stephen Hawking theoretical physicist, cosmologist and celebrity Scientist who has conquered his physical challenge and used it for his advantage ..visualizing the universe in different dimension using his eyes brain and mathematics, coming up with new explanation of black holes and initial moments of universe 😀

Later on we shall discuss the element of space time in understanding how big bodies; planets and stars curve space hence the gravity craizy stuff!!!Can’t wait

Without adding anything else anyone with eyes can see we really believe that the universe is expanding. 😀

Pastor Ragu Suspended for Dropping ‘f-bomb’.

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Thika Road — A youth pastor has been suspended from pulpit duties for two weeks for using obscene language during a board meeting.

On Tuesday board meeting treasurer said half of money meant for slum youth project(pioneered by youth pastor Ragu)was to be directed to stock church’s Sunday school library with kids books, youth pastor said “what the F$%^” !?

“It was long and drawn out and sort of lingered in the room for a moment,” says a co-worker. “I think he meant it in a positive way, but everybody froze.”

“It was way out of line,” says the chairman of the board. “We’re still trying to figure out why he felt he had license to speak that way.”

But pastor Ragu alias Shura as he is know among the youth says the senior pastor had given him permission to use “the f-bomb” with unsaved or rebellious youths to surprise and engage them. But senior pastor Bishop Ghino Victor says he gave no such permission.

“I didn’t know what ‘f-bomb’ meant,” said Bishop Ghino. “I probably thought he meant flatulence, which I thought was crude enough.”

The youth pastor says he had been practicing using the word in his office so it would roll off his tongue naturally when he uses it with young people, but that apparently it came too naturally at the meeting.

“Wrong context, probably,” Ragu said.

A worker at the local video library who sorted anonymity to protect her job told us that evening the youth pastor come and rented more than 10 movies, 5 series including Unknown, Rango, Rico, LOST seasons 3-6, Outsourced and others saying “Its early holiday again!”

NOTE:This Is a Christian Satirical Post Events Are Fictional