Will Dropping Self- Deception Empty My Church? #Science

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Theologian Michael McGowan in ChirstianityToday.com review of the book “I Told Me So” -The Role of Self-Deception in Christian Living, claims that its good to deceive yourself or those suffering.
Martin Luther said it’s okay to tell a “good” lie for the gospel.

Before 17th Century Science was Philosophy and considered sacred, Astronomy and Astrology was one thing, ideas about Earth and our place in the grand scheme of things is as old as we emerged from E. Africa 100 000 years ago and had been passed orally or via written traditions, this can be traced back to Egyptian Alexandria library, later Hebrew writers and around 500 BC the Greeks, it was Greek Philosophers ideas that made sense and adopted as conventional truth even by the dominant religions including Christianity.

One of the ideas was that the Earth was center of Universe, that stars and planets went round us, having been created special by God it was the option that made sense. But Scientist who gathers knowledge faster that society gathered wisdom discovered that we are a small planet amongst many going round a star [Sun]. This infuriated religious establishment, Scientist like Nicholas Copernicus and Giordano Bruno were persecuted others like Galileo Galilee had to withdraw their ideas to survive. Most went underground so as to carry on with their scientific work

It was the moment Science went out of church, church didn’t sponsor scientific work, this was left to rich individuals and private organization, science continued to discover and advance and by 20th Century most plagues like Small pox etc some that killed 20% of Humans on the planet at a particular time, were eradicated. Scientist were viewed with suspicion and found it easy to discuss science with other people out there, Atheist and Agnostics, like majority of great scientist that has given us most of what we have today, people like Einstein, Max Plank, Heisenberg, Stephen Hawking.

Unlike religion, Science was found to work and became a global profession. Scientific methods were adopted to run Governments, Military, Banks, Hospitals, Companies, and Law Courts. On the other hand Church continued to suppress ideas or questioning, this led to divisions we now have around 30 thousand denominations all claiming divine revelation.

Humans are increasingly relying on Science and Technology in health, agriculture, entertainment, communication, transport, at work and computer has become a way of living. Each day more people are becoming thinkers and turning to science for answers. TED Talks is one example I tweeted few weeks ago, where everything including religion, human rights, arts, spirituality and technology are discussed.

In church I served 6 years in intercessory, bible study and Apologetic work that involved to debate with Muslims. I was almost going to Arabia as a Christian Missioner unlike then information now is all over and one doesn’t have to be a Theologian to know the translation mistakes in bible or the books that writers are not known etc. It took almost 100 years for Church to understand Evolution how it has been used to heal leprosy and Vatican being the only Christian denomination that strives to understand Science[ hats off for Pope John Paul II] and integrates with its doctrines [has observatory and priests that are scientists, Pope has 100 scientist advisers that includes who is who in science, Stephen Hawking being one] gave a statement to support it,

Even though Bible is inspired in way it fights for rights of the poor, the oppressed, battles status qua, inspiration for revolution, we all know very well that;

1. Bible is not a scientific journal.
2. Bible has a human Jew view of God.

One Theologian and a Jew said Bible has a human Jew view of God, a jealous, tribal God, a God that says you should not kill, but this is only to Jews, He is okay with killing other tribes, take Virgins and cattle as spoils, a God who doesn’t recognize humanity as a whole but a tribe, one that orders stoning of adulterous woman and okay with raping of Lot’s daughter, even a child will tell you human mother is better. You’ll say that it was annulled in New Testament but its word of God as long as it’s in the bible.

Human beings are spiritual beings even before Hebrew writers collected the texts, it was part of us and trust me if you tell people reality it won’t make them run from church, if you tell them you don’t know who wrote revelation they will not run away, it’s about time church employs Apologetic and teach its congregation the realities of bible translational errors, explanations, how ideas like trinity were concluded 325AD and later debated for years, there are gray areas in Theology, but in church they are taught as absolute truth.

Science is a way of thinking and not just a collection of knowledge, more people are becoming thinkers and interested in unknown, where was Jesus from age 12- 30 did he go to India, what was Jesus doing for 40 days after resurrection to ascensions[ Not in bible but its out there] We want to know why do Muslims claim Paul changed bible, why did we borrow most things from pagan religion and why are most Christian sites so biased to prove a certain idea like the intelligence design, try to disapprove mainstream science yet we cannot make our own cars computers or medicine, I want to see real scientist being interviewed and meeting with Theologians without feeling threatened and being defensive.

Evolution is wiser than us, look at church in 80’ and today, way of dressing sermons etc we have evolved and will continue, as Darwin said “it’s not the wise or strong, but those that adapt to change survive.” Every new generation fits in specific churches and bible being an open book you can pick any verse interpret way you feel and seems nice to majority. Unlike the youth of 300BC who married at age 15 today guys marry at 30 due to career and education yet sex is so available in your computer, we face different challenges that are the reality, so how do we address those issue or we bury head in sand?

Theologian Michael McGowan should know Self-Deception in Christian Living isn’t right at all because unlike Theologians who know reality, majority of faithful take these ideas so dear and willing to die for.


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