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The super cool trip to coast!! lyfs sweet!!

Posted: October 14, 2008 in Uncategorized

dscn14661dscn13491dscn13301dscn13231dscn13171dscn12861dscn12671dscn12471dscn12371dscn12281dscn12261dscn1664its 2AM in a cool rooom near the coastal beach of Kilifi actually its few meters ..the beach i was swimming there till kedo 6pm… well it has been long since i posted stuff around i have missed alot i knw you wanna knw whats been cooking in my flowery blessed lyf …well for the girls am still single teheehehehehe girls say Amen !! he he

well lets just begin from my song it has been tremendous it has opened many doors to me i really cant tell its amazing and i give God thanks ,i have sold more copies and gave out free to others well i wish i had done an alburm coz my good friends and above all the workmates yaanni you guyz of better option rocks you have been such an encouranging and as we work together i pray i will be good im my realtionships with yah i love yah so so much so supportive and cool Gheto FM radio reports that reach me is that my song has been requested alot and i might be going for exclusive interview if i Get time G Benno u have done me more work than anybody else and you are a star all those walks as we market my song all those n etworks bla bla all those advices , friends in Kenya bible group members , friends abroad in Christian writes, John and Claud of AFC thanks through your sites the song has reached many and you guyz in CW and AFC thanks for ur encoragemend i can mention names there many …now whom do you see??? please let it be Jesus its all for His Glory not me not at all

you can get it on you tube

spiritually i have faced battles i never thought i will face i have found my self in damn compromising situations like never before …almost being run by a car..threats from ..le me not say…sick severally and almost thought God forgote me but HEYYYYYYY am strong than before,i really thought it will be over, i was just very close yaaaani…i sent prayers to close friends and i share with them they prayed for me and i am just crazy for Christ thatks for facebook friends Hope Fm chart my siz and bro at workplace my bible study group memberz  YOU GUYZ ROCK! God has used you mightly so what can i say ma moving coz of you guyz


I am on anual leave and we happen to have a prayer breakfast in Coast Mombasa with friends of Hope FM chartterz it was amazing travelling for 8 hours and the prophetic meeting itwas awsome ..thanks Geofrey my workmate fot ccompnying me…wewe msee uache uoga ya ku-swim in deep waters but i admired the way u bonded with my friends ..its like you knew them ..i was amazed have good interpersonal skills ..i hope your maneger reads this he he heeeeeeee..jokes aside …after the breakfast the other group of frinds like 20 travelled to Kilifi with coastal guyz and it was awsome we feasted on Kuku like nobodies business …yaaani you coastal guyz whad did tjhos poor chicken did to you to deserz such …nway …then next morning coz of work the beautyful girls and handsome dudes sold outr for JESUS had to leave and go back to Nairobi coz of work the left guyz or remnants le me be prophetic had all the beaches and time for ourselves ..okay le me just be brief my neck is starting to ache and tomorrow i have to travell to south coast..likoni and swiswim swim …am crazy daring i feel like just geting lost in the Ocean …n-way le me be brief ..i have been spending my time with Kim and the coastal gyz kina Kabs in the Ocean  or having chilly drinks this place is so hot yaaaani..i take a showe more than 3 two times a day the time u are drying your feet with towel u start sweating on armpits ..its that hot …also on sunday we visited a church and a prophetric message sent ..i happen to meet an OGA  a broda from Nigiria!! a good brodah Yami..stays with Kabugi ..thanks Bugi for everything God back to my adventures we have also visited several hotels and i have several bronchures nikirudi Nai ntawapa ncheki rates…am postponing my stay evryday life is so amazing here sweet no stress i really thank God for His favor i dont take all this for granted and in the middle of it i have seen His mighty hand and favor …and am just i love with Christ more and more and i just pray i will focus more in Him ..i truelly now testify that God orders the steps of a good/Godly man…i hav seen it ..i really have ..i wish this were the days i had time for detail testimonies ha ha ha

so what else??? ohhh tomorrow i still need to go to south coast ..but i have still tones of invitations from friends and thats a good excuse for me to continue staying in Coast TILL AM BROKE!!!! and am left with only fare to Nai ha ha ha

now its 2:45 am some gospel rocks on the back ground and i just live this am fullfilled and thank God coz His words is tru that …delight in me and i will give you the descires of your heart ……i can say i have seen the goodness of the lord in the land of the living …….the small sweet stuff we take for granted….

well i will see yah around guyz and thanks for everything and those i have fogotten …i apreciate yah ..its ..2:57 am and sleepy and tired i will talk to yah laterz ….LOVE YAH!