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My song playing in the U.S and across many nations..

Posted: December 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

Read this mail from a friend missioner in middle east…. This is Gods breakthtrough I really thank God for such a great great opportunity ..its also in a chart room that is accessed by many people in the Middle east north Africa among many nations..i am exited Golry to Jesus!!!!!!!!!


Hi lawi,

A guy that owns a radio station came into the chatroom today. I gave him your two songs so he could play them on his radio station in the States.

I was going to ask if you could maybe come up with a neat 15 second theme song for the our podcasts. If you could that would be great, if not I understand as well…

God bless you


Ups and downs of life ;-)

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Times have gone by and well well …ups and down of life u knw …I came back from Mombasa after one week of fun it was super cool!! Memories memories memories wacha tuu…nway am back to work and everything is fine though I must admit I had run dry spiritually …I haven’t attended serious prayer meeting ..i haven’t been reading my personal prayers had gone down and you know the consequences I have been in very very many troubles and compromised my stands but God s good the bible says those who are born of God shall overcome the world and that’s the faith..yep! God knows how to renew our strength …even youths may tire and faint but those who wait pon the LORD He shall renew their strength and they shall mount up like an eagle…AMEN!  So that’s basically me now God has renewed my strength spiritually I have this joy of the LORD trhat cant be bought Pastor Pete Odera used to tell us in prayr meetings that the ‘joy of the LORD is my strength ‘ those are King Davids words you know ..and that’s true you know ..the joy of the LORD has been my strength lately…well I shud not forget bout the trip to Mt. Longonot it was amazing though I was sick but God is good I was healed on the way

I received a call this Sunday from a colleague at work ati my song was playing in another station called U TV ..i thot that was really super cool man!!! I thank Jehovah receive honor and Glory …..i have met good people good people..i mean the world is full of good people I make new friends daily and I love it[at work and outside] …one thing I have come to lean is that actually most people are good !! if someone has an attitude and you understand them they become good its amazing ..i really am exited, people I thought were cold, I smiled and talked to them, people who might have wronged me, I just decide to do them good …people I had a negative attitude with , I change my attitude its MAGIC ……….well they might be faking it but its good its better that way.

Jesus said if someone does you a bad thing do them good ..its magic le me tell you …one time you will sit with them down and realize they had personal issues then or ..they thot ur a show off or a sadist or they just wanted to scare the hell outa you ..n-way the motto I have from today is to be good to everyone I meet…..AND AS STEVE PUTS IT IN OUR B.S UR THE ONLY BIBLE SOME PEOPLE WILL EVER READ!!!

I just realize how what you give is what you get, smile to the world and the world will smile back at you…Just as Jesus my LORD and savior sed that what u plant is what you get…….so from now on as I begin to seek God more I want him to teach me to love people more I think I have more love to give …coz I have been loved much by HIM also I have been given enough grace ad extraordinary forgiveness and cover by God and I shud be patient with people and cover them where I can ..Encouraging and doing what I can les when Jesus comes back [HE IS COMING SOON BY THE WAY] asks me what did you do Lawrence with happiness and grace and peace I gave you ..did you give it to people? well …..u sed it its one hell a challenge ..n-way the Grace of God  is sufficient …so far it has been Him not me so if I will be willing and work to seek him more and more he will Help me make a difference ………

Most people have been asking me about my full album and all that music thing and I must admit that am not prepared to do any major song thing for now …..maybe when I will be on annual leave …mid next year…. for now my boss deserves my full attention …………………..




Change Your Attitude, Change the World
by Mike Chalk

I used to tell one of my children, “You have an attitude problem.” Needless to say, such remarks only made the situation worse.

A bad attitude can create absolute misery. We may feel that our attitude is justified, but it still makes us miserable. How does a person respond to someone with a bad attitude?

The dictionary defines attitude as “a posture or manner of carrying oneself, indicative of a mood or condition, a state of mind or feeling.” How we present ourself to the world has a great deal to do with the state of our soul. And it can have enormous impact on the world around us.

One bad attitude can disable the atmosphere of an entire office. Discussion among employees often revolves around how to handle the disagreeable individual.

An attitude problem can grow from many causes, but I would guess it often stems from deep-seated anger. When I am honest with myself, my attitude problems begin with an interior dialogue that sounds a lot like grumbling.

And grumbling is frequently associated with frustration—often because we are trying to do too much in too short a time period. Frustration is the daily companion of any perfectionist. Nothing is ever good enough for a perfectionist. The rest of us just have a patience problem. Our impatience leads to frustration. Our frustration leads to anger. And anger gives root to bad attitudes.

Jesus addresses an attitude problem in the parable of the vineyard (Matt. 20:1-16). It’s a story that takes place in a work context where a group of employees think they aren’t being treated fairly. You know the story. The owner chooses people to work throughout the day to finish a job. When it comes time to pay each person, those who worked the last hour are paid the same as those who worked all day.

Those who worked all day are incensed at the apparent injustice, but the owner claims he has paid them what he promised. He asks, “Do you begrudge my generosity?” (Matt. 20:15).

In many respects these workers had lost their sense of perspective. The fact they were picked to work at all was an experience of pure grace. They certainly were not entitled to being picked over the others.

The owner chooses to be generous to a few. Those who have worked all day have a choice. They can either remain angry or be grateful for the owner’s generosity. Even those who worked only an hour will have enough money to feed their families that day.

Often we lose perspective in terms of the many gifts we have received, the most important gift being God’s generous love. Living in the grace of God can reduce frustration, perfectionism, and anger. It changes the way we present ourselves to the world … and our attitude toward life itself.