Man Frequents Club K1 to Break Religious Spirit

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Nairobi, Ngara — Njeru George felt he was being influenced by a religious spirit, making him judgmental and closed-minded, so he began visiting a local club to celebrate his freedom in Christ.

“A religious spirit won’t go near a bar, so I’m safe in there,” he says downing a second Guinness seated at “sina tabu”

Church members say George has stopped showing up for weekday prayer meetings since he started battling his “demon of legalism.” What began as a spiritual housecleaning has become a full-fledged hobby.

During this year Main Campus Christian Union associates Sunday Njeru dint show up and he has never missed since he graduated 2007.

“He would always perform one or two songs and pledge to cover expenses of one missioner to years mission field” Said Mutembei a close friend.

At the club, George who goes by facebook name Georgie Mac’Njeru appears untroubled.

“I used to live by ‘don’t taste, don’t touch.’ Now it’s pass the beer nuts and who’s up for a game of pool?” he says. “That religious spirit takes it on the chin every time I’m here.” •

NOTE-This is a Christian Satirical post events are all fictional.


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