Blessing of Womankind

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Blessing of Womankind
© Lawrence Mwangi

Sitting down by tha desolate river bed
Gazing out horizons rugged hills
As sun went running to hide away
From everlasting darkness
Me felt loneliness stretching on and on
Faddah dan me heart could reach

Flying hours of me yout’ bringing sleepless nights
Never-ending kindly sea of friends…….but
Wish we got closer dan facebook and twitter
As romantic film ended ina me wits
Me felt cold shudder of betrayal and pain
“So love was illusion?”….. “What of di dream?”

In tha midst of evening twilight
Me turned I misted eyes to galaxy above
To Him of seasons……
Mirror of immortality and giver of fertility
And in deafening stillness…for many days
I waited fe blessing of womankind

Finally valleys begin echoing from their secret lips
Birds praising her beauty and charm as she came!
Her words teaching I all wisdom
Her Ital love, like salt and pepper soothing all me pains
Man, she got dis beautiful smile and laughter
Dat spells beauty and joy forever.

It dawned to me, Man! Am blessed!

(Inspired by Faith Wairimu :D)

  1. wanji kay says:

    yu doin great..can see yu need to be on leave 2 com wit sth like that..kudos

  2. 😀 my pal hehehe thanks maze!

  3. awesome !! ital love indeed…

  4. @Shikuni sasa! thanks fe passing by 😀

  5. lorrie says:

    Beautiful Lawi ~ thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Hi Lo! thanks a lot for passing by blessings galore 😀

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