Pastor apologizes for “KUBAFU” phrase

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

Nairobi– Pastor Maakini who spelled the phrase “KUBAFU” (silly in Swahili) in his five-point outline last Sunday, has apologized to his Thinner road baptist congregation.
“I should have looked it over more carefully,” he says. “It was late Saturday night when I finished. I’m sorry.”
His five points, based on the story of Abraham, were:
• Knowing your calling
• Understanding it
• Becoming responsible
• Allowing God to use you
• Finding your gifts and talents
• Using them

Plenty of people were offended.
“When I realized what he was spelling, I flipped over my outline so my son wouldn’t see it,” says Kemunto 46. The message of the sermon was lost on her, she says.
But others say it’s not the first time “unintentional” acrostics have popped up lately. Maakini, they suspect, is telegraphing his deep-rooted dissatisfaction.
“He spelled “NYANGAU” one Sunday and “ISHIENI” the next, and apologized for those, too,” says one woman. “He’s getting little kicks out of it.” •

NOTE-This is a Christian Satirical post names and events are all fictional.


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