Merlin TV series [last episode as we wait for season 3]

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Merlin is off the chains! for those of us who love medieval movies like Legend of the seeker, Hamlet, Troy, Knight of the blood steel, Alexander, 300, Spartacus, Gladiator, Apocalypto, Eragon, Legend of Earthsea, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia and the awesome list is endless, you will definitely love Merlin.

On the last Episode of season2 young warlock Marlin meets his dad Balinor who happens to be a Dragonlord, they had gone seeking for help after the Dragon went loose and attacked Camelot, unfortunately the dad dies while protecting young Warlock from attackers, but the best part is; young Warlock realizes he has the gift of a Dragonlord handed down from his father and when they return to Camelot he saves the kingdom from the schupit Dragon gone loose, Gwen becoming more beautiful each day she makes me stick to the bloody screen, King Pendragon is more ruthless, what is wrong with this shallow minded King! He doesn’t heed to anybodies advice, no matter how many times they remove him outa big shit, he doesn’t get it. Prince Arthur’s feelings for Gwen ha ha ha, I like her look and facial expressions very warm she could have been given more bigger role in the series, hope this happens in third season, lady Morgana is becoming more of a traitor each day and tried to join the dark side and fight King Pendragon, Gaius[gayas] Camelot’s court physician and some sort of Alchemist or wherever still helping young Warlock, he is his uncle and knows his secrets, he is the one who told young Warlock that his dad is Balinor, the only remaining Dragonlord, the schupit Dragon after being released from the dungeon betrayed young Warlock by attacking Camelot, thoough I give him credit for assisting young Warlock all through the first two season, I must admit as far as I admire Druid boy’s secrecy an mystery I don’t trust him a bloody inch and he better stay way from Merlin, Gwen and prince Arthur, if he want to take lady Morgana with him am cool with that.
The last words of the Great Dragon was “..i know we will cross paths again young Warlock..” as we wait in anticipation for the third season


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