Man discovers his sexual vice is unique

Posted: May 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Nairobi— Mlinzi made the mistake of admitting a very personal failing to his men’s breakfast group that meets Wednesday mornings.

To his dismay, his admission was met with stony silence. It soon became clear that none of the other men could identify with him because not one has struggled with any type of sexual vice.

“I was counting on the other guys having secret sins, too!,”
Mlinzi said later outside their team leader’s house in Tersia Estate Embakasi.

“I thought that’s what this men’s group was about. The group has felt a little pretentious and I wanted to break it open with some gut-level honesty. Now I feel uniquely screwed up.”

After making his admission, Mlinzi says the men stared at him for a moment. Then the leader Bokoni cleared his throat and said, “Let’s read this week’s Bible verse,” and the moment passed, however #awkwardly.

“I’m thinking of transferring to a group where the men are more on my sin level,” Mlinzi says. “I can’t show my face in there again, that’s for sure.” •

We tried to call the leader of the group on his phone to tell us what big sin it was, but he hanged up on us.

Word has it that Mlinzi is now attending another one that meets in Runda on Saturday afternoons.

NOTE: This is a Christian satirical post. The names used and events are all fictional.

  1. Tricia says:

    Too much suspence. Ebu tell me what the sin was..I’m seated here trying to think what can be that bad,or the guys in that cell group are too righteous

  2. think of a cell with very pretentious and holy Joes, who think they are perfect and dont want to share stuff lol! tho this was satire , only fiction, but it happens everyday ama?
    thanks for passing by @Kenyansista

  3. aaarrghh how do u live people hanging like this now ???

    this group sounds like our C.U back in high school gatho !!!

  4. lol!!!! so u identify with it?

  5. Kahenya says:

    Dude must have been gay. Beyond all that men have no problem confessing. Either gay or loves tossing the salad.

  6. hehehehe lol! I agree with that 🙂 thanks for passing hare @kahenya

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