Musicians in Kenya using Twitter.

Posted: April 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Posted by Lawrence Mwangi

Almost all singists in Kenya have a Facebook page, kweli! rongo? But only few are using twitter, I would love to see more doing their thing in twitter, Gospelfathers, Nonini, Stella Mwangi aka STL, Avril, Madtraxx , Eric Wainaina, usernames @gosplefathers @noninimusic @stellamwangi @avrilogopa and @madtraxx @ EricWainaina respectively tops my list of Kenyan musician utilizing twitter, my research is limited to what names musicians are using on twitter, there might be some I don’t know about, on that list am interested with @noninimusic, his page is kinda busy compared to others, about his music progress, promoting his work godfather and where his shows are happening, gives links to downloads and his website, now another thing with Nonini, you follow him he will follow you, that makes his fans feel special. Ooohh and of cause me my username is @lawey .
You can use twitter to waste time or for your music career in a way that wins you fans.

Here are some of the ways to do that.

1. Create a twitter page
You need somewhere to start from and that’s opening a twitter account by visiting Twitter Website clicking on ‘sigh up’ button the rest in is a downhill slide, finally you can post a 140 character tweet to communicate to your followers

2. Following other folks
Once your Twitter account is in place, it’s time to start looking for other Twitter users to follow. If you know friends who use Twitter, start off by following them and then checking to see who else is following them – you might find more people to follow yourself in their list. The trick here is to get people to follow you – and the best way to do that is to start following them. Since you want to use Twitter to advance your music, your label or other music related business, look for fellow music types; Music fans, journalists, artists, labels, etc – these are the people you want to follow you, and I have given you examples lets do this!

3. Be wise when tweeting
The beauty of Twitter is also its downfall – the TMI effect. Twitter can be a great way to not only keep fans informed about your news but it can also make them feel closer to the whole process when you tweet about things you’re working on as you’re doing them. The trick is not to go too far and overload people with so much info they ignore your tweets. For instance, peppering your tweets about your show dates with tweets like “out buying strings for the tour” can be fun for people to read, but chronicling every inhale and exhale is overkill. Your important info will get lost in the shuffle.

4. Be Personal
Although giving people too much info can be a Twitter turnoff, not giving them enough attention can be equally damaging. There are many services, like Twitterfeed that will pick up your blog RSS feeds and post them to your Twitter page, doing the tweeting for you. This is good for your blog traffic, but if your only tweets are through a feeder, than people will stop paying attention. Make sure you keep adding personal tweets in there with the tweets picked up but your feeder – otherwise people will think you ignore your Twitter page – and they’ll start ignoring you.

5. Socialize
I do that very often when I find @muendo @Chiira @Amasy @kahenya @savvykenya @mwistar @kidkanye @MosesKoinange @switcheeks @misswairesh among others conversing, social interaction is the point of Twitter, so jump into the conversation. Not only may you end up building relationships with people that can help you in your music career, but you will also draw people back to your own Twitter page – where all of your news about your new release, tour dates and more can be found. You may even draw in some new fans.

6. Time is wealth don’t waste
Like, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter can be an enormous time sucker. Don’t substitute interaction on Twitter, Facebook or any social networking site for actually DOING something. Twitter can be a tool in your promotional arsenal, but it should never come before the basics like practicing, playing shows, and so on. Your number of Twitter followers, like your number of Facebook friends, is actually a pretty poor indicator of how much you’re accomplishing, so don’t forget most of what you need to do for your music career needs to happen outside of the virtual world.

7. Cool stuff to twit about, (examples)
Here are some ideas about things your can tweet about to keep music fans interested:
Updates from studio when recording
Reminding us about release dates shows etc
Updates from road when you’re on tour,
Your daily happenings like ‘am headed to Citizen TV for an exclusive interview’

So am looking forward to see more Kenyan artistes Roughtone, Nameless, Wahu, Wyre, Juliani, DNA, Ukoofulani, Warle Maina, Jua Kali, Cannibal, Jimmy Gait, Danco, Ingwe amongst many


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