Satan to host MTV Mama Music Awards

Posted: April 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Nairobi — He’s been a behind-the-scenes sponsor of the MTV Music Awards since its inception, and now Satan himself will emcee the 2012 Mama awards Nairobi show.

“It’s a real honor for us to have Satan as host,” said MTV Mama awards President Kaitagasini Muguiru. “This guy’s a legend.”

Satan seldom makes public appearances, but has worked extensively through media organs in recent decades. On an interview with our writer Nafo, Lucifer encouraged all to come, it gonna be a blast, he will bring with him the sexiest of his followers Jazabel tops the list, shaking her money maker, there will also be signing of autographs, he also said he will explain his beef with his boss from eternity past and that he has been misunderstood, he is in fact a cool guy.

The chief provocateur won’t disappoint at this year’s MTV show, insiders say. On the docket: Live animals copulating during a performance.

“Satan’s a boundary pusher, no question” says Kaitagasini. “But he’s gotten us this far, and with terrific ratings. We trust his instincts”.

NOTE: This is a satirical post names and events are all fictional.

  1. Njeru says:

    Eish…What the Hell..? your mind is really …I dnt know..hii umetoa wapi yawa nyathiwa?

  2. Lawrence Mwangi says:

    ha ha ha thanks for stopping by ngamia

  3. Gai !!! now whats this ????

  4. lol!! Shikuni sasa lol

  5. chirry says:

    eeee bana i saw a friend directing me kwa hii site so wewe ulipata wapi hii info yote?

  6. sas Chirry yaani dear u never knew i write !? he heee mimi huandika , most are my experiences i mix with info i find around

  7. Sash Beckie says:

    u r amazin

  8. hahaha thanks Dear!!!

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