We are only ones to save our poor selves

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

Have you ever wondered despite billions of shillings being forced down the throat of Kibera slums, life seems not to change?

Someone told me that when we went helping we decided how we want them helped, and what we think they want, instead of asking them what they want, most donors I have heard speaking, step to a slum and realize the slum is in ‘need of everything’ ,problems of Sanitation, drainage, unemployment, drugs, HIV/Aids, education, housing, health etc,

I once lived in a slum and its addictive and trying to get someone out of slums is hard, and what you might think is terrible thing might not be their number one need, one day I was in a public transport and we passed by the slum I live in Mau Narok called bondeni and I head guyz saying that ‘ukitaka kufa ingia bondeni , watu huuawa ata kwa shilingi mia, hakuna usalama’ (if you want to die go in to that place, you can be killed for 100 Ksh approximately one $ US) to those folks insecurity was the main problem, but funny enough, for us the residents never knew about that, okay people used to get killed eyes gorged out and shiet, point to note, no slum dweller got killed, but guyz coming from outside to get cheap liquor like changaa or sex and drugs lime Maryjane [marijuana],

I know of guyz who tried to build nice houses for their parents outside the slums only to realized after few weeks they already sneaked back tehehehe true story ….

Life in slum had some warmth and togetherness and most mastere survival tactics and ways to get money, and fyi most slum dweller in Nairobi don’t pay electricity or water, true story, even some don’t pay rent, they do illegal connections.

Have you ever wondered why Somalia is always at war? Coz there are a lot of people benefiting from that chupid war. I appreciate the work being done down at Kibera but our work can be more effective if we listen to what they want.

As long as slum dwellers live by handouts they shall remain slaves to donors, begging or receiving without giving lowers the recipients self esteem, there is only one way that I ‘when I lived in a slum’ found effective and that was giving me education is all I needed.

We all agree Kibera and other informal settlements like Mathare, Mukuru etc is blessed with a sea of talent and human resource to be tapped, the recent film ‘soul boy‘ shot in Kibera slums and many more like the footballers, recording artist , fine artist etc the list is endless.

It is also a source of hooligans who are manipulated by politicians to cause mayhem and destruction, drug abuse, and all vises. The one and most effective to transform one, is by education, when you empower somebody by education you change their thinking and view of life and they turn to be better persons, sort of teaching me how to fish rather than giving me a fish sort of thing, with the free primary education initiative and many donor partners and foreign governments

I would love they concentrate on educating the slum population, this include but not limited to skills like computer skills, woodwork and signwriting, hairdressing salon, knitting and sewing

But of cause there is the reality of things like food and ‘sanitary towels’ for girls which if they lack the student won’t be able to attend classes that must be put into consideration.

Finally we are the ones to save our asses in this, no matter how many billions is channeled by donor countries truth of the matter is we Kenyans have the answers, every year the government is loosing billion of tax payers money through corruption scandals by greedy leaders, the latest being the free primary education fund appropriation leading to the UK and US government suspending the funding and who looses? The poor person’s kid. What we may need from donors if there is is help to not need help anymore.

We have the responsibility as Kenyans coming 2012 to vote for the candidate because of their integrity not because they bought our voted, because when they go to that parliament they have to recover the money they bribed you with.

  1. tricia says:

    I kept nodding through this post..I live in Kibera so I know what you mean.

  2. i totally agree with you 100%. you have a very good point and i can second your argument. I have spend over 20 year in the slums of kibera, and believe you me, slum-life can be very addictive.

    Education is the way to go. once one is exposed to education its even easier to start seeing things in the eyes of the donors or other people who might have the will to help transform the terrible living conditions. and by the way, i agree that there is togetherness in the slums.

    The most important thing is to start by asking those who live below the pyramid what their priorities are!!

  3. jesusfreak7 says:

    waw! tricia its amazing to see how talented you are

  4. jesusfreak7 says:

    Kraft-Man-Kurio thanks alot i appreciate you coment

  5. mary perpetua says:

    lawi owning up and taking responsibility is a sure way of develpment of any human person…I personally believe that AID well used towards sustanable developmnt is vital but in our case it is abused and missused and hardly fulfils wha it is intended for. We have to be part of the change we need by electing and seeing to it tht they serve us and not vise versa

  6. jesusfreak7 says:

    thats super truth MaryPerpetua need to attend one of your lectures 😀
    thanks for stopping by

  7. Am also 4rm mau.narok bodeni slum de codition is realy bad bt its lots of fun says:

    Am also 4rm mau.narok bodeni slums the situion is tellibly bt pple like it thea

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