Missionary exaggerates Mandera mission testimony

Posted: March 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Kasarani Mwiki — Daniel who graduated from local university last year and has been volunteering as a missioner in Mandera under Moto Church admitted he might have exaggerated his testimony due to excitement.

The 20 minutes given to share about God’s work and ask for financial support at Moto Church turned out to be one hour of “movie like” tales of how a Muslim girl swallowed by a large Hyena was saved by fire from heaven after his prayers “the girl Fatuma came out alive not even smelling smoke”

“Due to that heroic act 800 souls accepted Jesus” Said Dani

He went on to tell of how he cursed a big snake that had swallowed Somali fighter winning 15 big fishes[Al Shaababs] for the LORD, many people especially women clapped.

The pastor saw Dani has lost control and gently led the babbling 25 years old missioner off stage with the help of two deacons , the ushers took the offerings and he went to his diggz to finish the second series of ‘Legend of the seeker’

“Okay I bought the angel and big Hyena story” said one conservative witness. “You’re not a decent missionary without a good angelic intervention in your back pocket!”

“But the part about 800 souls getting saved in one service? In a town of less than 5000 population?Aaii.. hehehe That was a really far-fetched.” •

“Dude has been watching a lot of movies” said one youth leader who dint want his name mentioned.

Dani can be reached by his facebook name Danny Daniels

[ NB:This is a Christian satirical post; fiction work]


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