What do you look for in a woman?

Posted: March 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Back in the days remember?? Your first crush!? First skirt to chase or wherever.. you were very innocent and the love was so pure and simple and you meant it when you told her you can drop out of school and run away with her…I guess that’s y the bible says the kingdom of God is for those with hearts like children

Some like me wa messed up chicken freaks..who couldn’t vibe a girl to save their life, damn! dude has come from far…Use to wonder what do I tell a girl?, where do I start from, a disgrace I was to the ancestors …nway some niggerz in the hood thought highly of me at that time and one offered to hook me up with his virgin cousin..in the name of ‘giving back to the community’ WTH!?, …lucky for me it was her first time too ..so two freaking naives hit with one stone.

That was before I was admitted to school of hard knocks, and now I know there is a lot to a shawty than the legs, the figure 8 or how nicely she clads , at times the soooooo fly shawty turns out to be a disappointment in several ways, right?

So when looking for potential soul mate or whatever what do u really look for, should you look at her outside? That’s if she is loaded with cash, if she is cutest, educated, and gifted in church etc or her character/ inside? Sometimes I have found myself with drop-dead gorgeous but character is a big NO and am like ‘wwwooiii can she change?? Can I pray for God to change her?’ When I walk with her all naggerz in the hood turn to look and whistle, I feel like a king, like am where I wanted and sometimes I meet a very nice wife material very mature respects you, treats you like a man, but something is wrong, u don’t thinks she is such attractive and doesn’t draw much attention. There is a lady friend of mine who tells me she know of a pastor who marred a worship leader coz of her nice voice super performance on stage, then after the wedding he realized his long from-youthful dream was to get a chic with a big ‘hagga’ [ass] the rest is a sad story, That’s a dilemma that most of me and you face sometimes.

Lets face, it we are all attracted by beauty and money and whatever first, and it’s the dream of every dude to get the hottest chic, apart from insecure dudes who think like ‘how many people have seen her…I cant keep her?’ and I don’t think its wrong to be attracted by looks or being a little judgmental to some length, if you are a parent and your dawta comes home with his new boyfee and it turns out it’s a dude who dresses like a gangster with pants hanging off their asses and showing more than half of their underwear, you won’t celebrate, will you? And I won’t blame you coz that’s the purpose of our judgment, tho’ history has taught us that sometimes those lousy looking folks can turn out to be the sweetest people on earth, I was such and when I went to church eeerrrrr there was a lot of issshhhh that ‘we’ the new breeds of youths should not stand in the pulpit coz we dressed like the world…thats why I don’t judge..okay ..i try not to judge its not good to judge people.

From my experience looks are deceiving I had this very cute gal from our home area , immediately after joining campus, she was the very beautiful, not your average gyal and I was so exited just to be with her , but after the relationship kicked, I realized the other dark side of her , that I was not able to handle and the beauty faded, we normally meet occasionally but she is not the same person I first knew…and I have come to learn its not about the looks , for me I will settle with any girl who has cool character even if she Is just average, as long as we love each other, she doesn’t have to be perfect me myself am not perfect.and my advice to you is dong go for looks, but look for somebody who will love you understand you and walk with you in both good and bad times. dont go for look , i repeat dont go for looks

I know we all desire outspoken, upbeat, independent, self-confident, conservative, enthusiastic, goal oriented, charming, NOT A FERMINIST!!!, loving, caring, motherly, understanding, tall, nice skin, long hair, nice legs and ass, big brown eyes and the list is endless, the truth is, no such person exists, make friends with everyone without having this ‘potential mate’ thing in your mind, then from those friends you have, you will get to know one well, and maybe fall in love, who knows.

I will outline some of the most important stuff to discuss with the special somebody before you are sure you want to settle with em.

Before that, I have sure words from the creator of all hot chicks and hunks so please read and know what is says is the truth , He used Solomon the wisest and richest king at that time in history, he enjoyed the company of hundreds of hotties including foreign princesses, this dude was there and did it. [It should be noted they drove his heart away from God]

Pro 19:14 House and riches are the inheritance of fathers: and a prudent wife is from the LORD

Pro 18:22 Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favor of the LORD.

A. Important Experiences from the Past [past experience affects values, friends, religion, health etc]

1. Common Interests –so you can share their time and activities.

2. Morals – knows what you consider right or wrong

3. Intellectual Development – you have a degree if she has never been to school then there is a problem

4. Cultural background – This refers person’s identity based on that culture.

5. Family history – it determines their identity, outlook of life and their friends[Bush dawta and Osama’s son lol]

6. Interaction within family – the in laws

7. Response under pressure and stress – very important

B. Future Aspirations and Expectations
1. Children – do you want kids and how many?

2. Financial Stability – here we mean ‘having financial stability’ not ‘being financially rich’

3. ‘Healthy’ Sexual Outlook

4. Willingness to Sacrifice for Each Other – This is a mutual understanding of the time and effort that the couple expect to spend going out of their individual way to help his or her soul mate.

5. Commitment to Each Other

6. Properly Treating Each Other when Alone Together

7. Appropriately Treating Each Other in the Presence of Others

8. Priorities in Life

9. Resolving Conflicts and Reconciling –there must be disagreement in life how do you resolve

  1. naftali says:

    haa haaa haaaa…..

    ahem. i hope you have gone thru the above pointers and you have a great woman to prove it….

  2. matrixster says:

    When I was in form 1 we used to be forced to go and talk to girls (katia). I remember in one such venture talking to this chick called Happy. I’m like ‘I’m P.’ She’s like ‘I’m Happy’. I reply, ‘Oh, so am I’.

  3. Sherry says:

    Mmmh….interesting view i must say.Just remember something important-Men are visual creatures and they want to get someone they can look at and say “yenyewe God alikuumba akiwa ameshiba” lol. Doesn’t however mean that she has to fit in with the standards of others a far as beauty is concerned, but if you find her cute in your eyes…ur home dry.

    And then there is a verse in Proverbs that semas..Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. {Proverbs 31:30 :D..

    Nice post :up:

  4. jesusfreak7 says:

    @ Nafo i gat really beef with yah…okay …u knw what i mean
    @ matrixster lol! thats hilarious ati ‘am happy too’
    @ sherry well said ..ati God ameshiba? siowakati lunch bells zilikua zime ring? te hehe i knw what he can create

  5. Tricia says:

    First of all its my 1st time here and i love it. I like the post..and i agree..there should be attraction but for real its the very inside that truly matters.

  6. jesusfreak7 says:

    ur welcomed, thanks Tricia ;=))

  7. dude, I am loving your blog!!

  8. hannah says:

    interesting…..heh lawi so when are we meeting this fine girl ???

  9. jesusfreak7 says:

    thanks my bro , you know me better than anybody elase and am happy you appreciate the little work

  10. jesusfreak7 says:

    haha God hasnt provided her yet!! 😀 but am patient one day!

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