Road Trip To Tanzania

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

First I would like to thank God for his faithfulness I went safely and returned safely, I would like also so thank God for good health all that time nice friends that he has blessed me with and finally the peace we enjoy in east Africa apart from South Sudan and Somalia but we hope all is gonna be well there too.

Allow me 2 say tiz ‘lyfe kyant get beta dan tiz’ it was a long bumpy road to Tanzania border and it was super! i bonded wit tiz jungu fram Australia and Brayo of Homeboyz radio he happened to be going to Arusha we stopped severally had drinks made jokes laughed like crazy ..i will upload dem photoz any minute..arrivig in Arusha we first had to clear wit some business here and there then we spent the rest of the evening in a favorite club music was super ! u know not sweetness of Bongo till ur i Bongo land, we had more food drinks and played my favorite game pool, it was my lucky day i humiliated a Tanzanian dude hipiii!!! hehehe u shud’av seen me, Brian too kicked butts of some dudes before a mischievous Maasai who was so well with the game came and squeezed Brian out of game ..we retired to sleep and i met my former fellowship and church member at Pete Oderas water-brook fellowship Evans who is a Kenyan working there, we had alot to catch up till near next morning hehe we had to force ourselves to i should tell you chicks here are super wa!! but eyes accessories, what i mean is you just look admire and that’s the end. There are greater job and business opportunity especially in media industry, there is something you should know, Tanzanians aren’t that aggressive like kenyans and most people consider them kinda lazy ,so most companies prefer to employ Kenyans, due to their hard work or aggressiveness, life in Kenya is very competitive many universities, school offering evening classes to working people, something I dint see there, it was very much portrayed as I saw people are really slow , its a tourist town and business is the hot thing there, and particularly tourism business, another thing you should know is Tanzanians are very loving and welcoming people, and respectful, they have maintained the deep African culture, importance of togetherness and family something not in Kenya, example is everywhere u go, people greet you with a smile, very warm and you feel like not moving outa that land, also there is security, guyz there aren’t thieves or there are no incidences of insecurity like Kenya …we could leave our shoes outside, no big gates in houses or alarms, I went to a hotel and the waiter dint have change, she told me to come and bring her some of the money next day! 🙂 I was like what!!!?? Such doesn’t exist in Kenya, you tell someone to brink money next time and that will be the last to hear from them, there are hot chicks of cause and they are well trained on maintaining a man and playing a role of a mother and wife..but they arent as educated as Kenyans chicks, tho’ i was told by a Tanzania friend that there is a tribe called Wachaga who are as aggressive like the Kikuyus of Kenya. The weather is very cool and cute , the town is very clean and a perfect place for holiday.
Now I should also tell you that life there is very very cheap, housing, cars, food, and with little money you can really live a happy life, with the salary am getting in Nairobi in Tanzania am able to save alot…cars are cheap as compared to Kenya by a very big margin, reason being, the government of Kenya puts a very high duty payment ..I vow that if God blessed me I will get one car from Tanzania. Now a friend Tanzanian told me that Tanzanians have big chunk of idle land due to laziness, they don’t farm so Kenyans like Kikuyus and Luos and others are there doing alot of farming and he told me this was like a caution that if I want to come to Tanzania I can live well and peaceful with Tanzanians but if I become arrogant and proud like many Kenyans feel when there, the Tanzanians aren’t foolish they will know when you are looking down at them and they will do anything to remove you from their country even if its corrupting the immigration office,
I had several great networking thingy and I will be sending my song to one of the stations here.. was an eye opener to me, most Kenyan media guyz are around including famous John Karani, its alleged that Tanzanian Tycoons have been coming to Nairobi to poach, my friend told me that several guyz from Kenya media industry have been poached and working in Der salaam in Tanzania..especially sound engineers etc. I connected with this dude called Israel he sells cars in Tanzania and he took me through processes and how the business is done, we spent most time together especially the last day ..we moved up and down and wa! there was a second hand RAV4 in good condition make 2007, he was selling at kedo 0.5 M Kenya shillings and I know in Kenya it will cost around 1 M . i WANTED IT!!!!!!! soon i will go for one.
Life standard around is very and people are very friendly and loving and welcoming, in simpler terms you dont feel like going back to Kenya. It’s the place where you get the best of life rather.

I will be uploading the photos soon but if you are in facebook you can get them under my albums. Thanks n god bless yah

  1. mwistar says:

    Nice read. I enjoyed it so much, I just added you to my blogroll.

  2. jesusfreak7 says:

    thanks so much Mwistar much appreciated
    Wa i just saw ur blog Its the bomb! u gat alot of stuff ..i have added you too

  3. Sash Beckie says:

    went there too bt spent mo time in is ok if u cn deal with the soo poor currency n transport,standin in mats is sooo 1990. th poor education will send u packn back to kenya….tht is if u dnt live in baga moyo(al give enthn to b there again) n for th cheep cars…u’l pay soo dearly for it,they’ll tax u olmost double th byin price to av it on kenyan roads..

  4. yes next trip I wanna vistit Dar..thanks for passing by!

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