U TV played my song

Posted: January 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

Its more than an year since last my song was played on media, I received a call form a friend that U TV are playing my song and I was so so exited ..yeah that’s pretty encouraging
Am still doing music production classes and I can tell you its not as easy as it seems but the lovely thing is that my interest for music is very high so am exited to learn new things
New trick new ..oohh its very lovely am using fruity loops and I have the plug inns u can understand all the music instruments even some u have never heard of all the effects its very
exiting and lovely ..as I approach my leave ..


Lawrence Ital Mwangi thanks to U-TV for playing my song ..thanks for those that smsed me God bless
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Thankful Kyale
Was among those who saw u sing on tv n’ was glad 2 note that u r a profession singer.
Yesterday at 9:43pm •

Jimmy Njenga
WOW..I missed that one! Lawi, did you get it recorded? Wow…Thats awesome bro
Yesterday at 10:03pm •

Douglas Barasa
Is that a new tv station Lau?
Yesterday at 10:40pm •

Lawrence Ital Mwangi
thans @Ark
its the same song u saw @Jimmy
@Douglas it has been there
5 hours ago •

Njeru George
I missed that..I know my boy doing gr8 things yo!! hey by the way I need beats..ballad & rock…ngoja ile siku mimi unakuja nairobi utapigia wewe simu….sawa?
5 hours ago •

Lawrence Ital Mwangi
kuja dude ! unasemanga unakuja kuja bana hehehe
3 hours ago •

Njeru George
hahah..am serious now.!! Namba yako niko nayo….nxt wknd lazima…God willing
3 hours ago •

Thomas Isaiah
Ndùmìra ga-cassette na mbathi, ithe worìa!

(Mbathi cia gùka gùkù nì igìrì na cithiaga kìroko gìa tene juma! Geria ùgokìra gatene)
3 hours ago •

Lawrence Ital Mwangi
He he he one hau munene uguo nigwo ngueka ithe wa ciana!
2 hours ago •

Carolitah Ivy Jessy Patric
Lawi niwekee CD,wil cme 4 it Feb God willing.
about an hour ago •

Lawrence Ital Mwangi
sawa dear ;D
30 minutes ago •

Thomas Isaiah
Atì ‘dear’? Karùgano kau gathirìre hau! Nìndaigua kì-jealousy… Nìmwaigua?
7 minutes ago •


did I tyell you I love traveling ? no I dint ..okay now I know ..i love traveling so much and this tyme am gona cross the borders a little. Am gonna visit Tanzania whooooo cant wait !!!!!!!
I will keep u posted my friend


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