I went for H.I.V test

Posted: January 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Okay I know ur wondering Y is it a big news, okay first of all le mi give ya a brief history , before I received Christ some years back in Campus, I, like any other dude out there[ we love ladies so so] used to go around and getting laid by every chic I meet,[and we used to be in a gang of 4 dudes named Bastic boys, so we would sit and discuss our experiences and the new territories we have conquered ,very sick and lame]now, we used to carry condoms in our back pocket and coz of some reasons SOMETIMES the condom could bust when on the act, and one day it did, I was with a chic we used to bang the four of us,and there was roomers that she had slept with a police[police are danger, they have a history of dogging and many including military men die of AIDS so so much]that exposed me to danger, before I went to campus I was forced to undergo the test, well I was so so scared like a chicken, I had decided if am positive, I will run away from home and go get me some job away where no one knows me ..i was really scared but thank God it was well ..i was exited so much, that was like 7 years ago,Christ had mercy and changed my twisted life I became a good boy, and has never slept with a girl since…okay am lying.. okay there are like one or two occasions but we sorted out with God [he he I just remembered one thing this is funny in that group tulikuanga damn players till when went and got saved people said that we have gone to church to get the church girls after sleeping with all the ladies outside church…[people can be so cruel on young converted youths damn] , and also one of the greatest fear we had before we got born again is ‘people will say we got born again after realizing we have HIV..thats what they gonna say..and we cant allow that to happen..so lets be sinners till we got married lol’ that was bull crap] apart from HIV we put ourselves in many dangers many times we had to carry daggers etc coz of girls and run away from police after playing with rich mans daughter..please don’t remind me that story ..okay i will post it next how a rich mans daughter put us in tight shit i had to run away from home..its one crazy damn stupid story you will love.. i promise…

Now where was I ??????oohhh I getting to slaughter house? no ..what was i talking about??…….oohh i have remembered, okay I wont tell you all details or what made me go, but so that u may not make your stories there is a lady who really insisted and adviced I had to go for a test and its good ..i was still scared ..what if am positive whats gonna happen …plz tell me? ..’its like getting sentenced to hang and u know when u gonna die’ ..’its like being in death raw inmate’ i silently thought all night long …u feel me? ..so I tried avoiding it but ..i couldn’t run forever I had to face the giant of fear that had mutated over the years into a monster a killer…a dragon waiting to devour me alive…thank God on Friday 8th Jan 2008 after waiting for result for hours the doctor gave out the result….It was like being born a new i thank God I now know my status …u see I have seen many of my friends go down with HIV even a relative its scary ..and my advice is to all ppls please ‘jua hali yako, chanuka na utembelee kitua , chukua control ya maisha yako’ go for HIV test and take control of your life its not good to stay in the dark

..now am confidence I cant now risk having sex till I get marred to that girl that God has in store, and we have to go for HIV test before then …its good to know your status, if you are positive by knowing early enough, u will get proper medication and live a normal life upto even 20 yrs ,,yeah ! its true, there is a lady in Kenya, I saw in a magazine she has been positive for kedo 20 yrs now, and u can protect the ones u love, nowadays there are even couples, one partner is negative the other positive and they have healthy kids free of HIV, but that is impossible if we don’t go to VCT ..i hate it when I remember way HIV positive people are stigmatized in the world people say u better have cancer than HIV and it doesn’t mean if u have HIV ur a sinner or a bad guy its just a disease okay
Please le me continue sometimes later that’s enough for today ..cheers love yah…at least i am being open to you my friend not that i glory in bad behaviors of that time , but i wanna u know me alittle and now am changed dude..trust me ..don’t believe what u read about me on facebook its overrated on the negative lol kidding

Should Kenya go for its TEST?

it started with drought wracking throughout our sovereign nation, farmers lost thousand of livestock, people lost their lives to hunger, rivers wells dried up …water in the dams went down in level causing low power, hence rationing[we mainly depend on hydro electricity but i would love the country to invest more on geothermal power, though initial cost is very very high but its very reliable and in long term the money will be recovered, its inexhaustible as long as the earths crust is red hot, and as you know, the water they use to turn turbines is recycled] another thing that followed was water rationing even in Nairobi ..dont wanna remember that….
Immediately after drought, cases of cholera started being reported in Nairobi slums like Mukuru kwa Njenga [..its next to where i live, i buy sukuma wiki there..am lying again, i don’t cook ..i buy fruits there]
Also in other parts like Turkana, many pple died mostly due to fact that its long journey before they can get a medical center, many died on the way, tok bout ‘mkurupuko wa maradhi’
As if not yet over El nino rains came rioting like ..like..like..[what riots more that University of Nairobi students? am an Alumni lakini Magoha the Vice Chancellor ame do mambo sikuhizi hakuna kutupa mawe te hehe] the rains has killed more than twenty people, leaving more than 300000 citizens homeless in Turkana, Mogotio, Marigat [where i grew up in next to lake Baringo] Rongai, Narok, millions of property destroyed including livestock , building collapsing like the one in Kiambu killing mtu tatu..and the rains are still falling like the flood gates are being opened …

Lastly a dude called Abdullah al Faisal who once was convicted by U.K court for inciting terrorism through his teachings [btw he is a Muslim cleric] is stuck in our country after other nation refuse him saying he is a terrorist …even major airlines dont wanna give him a ride back to Jamaica where he came from…men that is not good..the government of Kenya [we have a bad history of terrorist killing our people remember the famous bomb blast in Nairobi and Kikambala?] want him gone but the last attempt flopped after he was returned back from Nigeria..as we speak he is in some prison locked….
That’s y we really need prayers in the country, really crazy things have been happening

  1. gmeltdown says:

    Hey Lawrence, your posts are inspiring. I also think if all Kenyans listen to the campaign to have an HIV test, it should be possible to start thinking of a HIV free generation. Taking a HIV test in itself has a way of converting people from being aware of HIV to stay away from risky behavior.

  2. jesusfreak7 says:

    Thank you very much Gmeltdown and you are very right! It couldn’t be put any better

  3. princessmos says:

    Is this for real?? Scary but if its true, thats damn honest, i like it.

  4. its true dear..am dat honest ..tho it comes with a prize

  5. France says:

    Ohh my am so much touched by this!! i think you are one of the guy younbg pipo wants to hear from, how can i get u to come and talk to my youth members!! u have a nice stff here, how i love this!!!

    one thing i can assure u bro is that!! God has put something special d great in u!! discover your purpose in this life man d u will cause people praise The Living God! kudos! may God keep u long and give you desire of ua heart!!! mhhhhhhhhh Good stuff

  6. thanks alot my guy! thanks for passing by

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