new year

Posted: January 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

a lovely year 2010 , well everyone is talking bout resolutions , one thing bout me , am gonna try to do my best in what am doing, work and music wise , well spiritually am gonna try to get more Sundays off but i have no big spiritual ambitions like years back..after many years i have come to kinda see that, what i do really matters alot than what i pray and believe for? maybe am a bit canal but thats it, of course i need Gods blessings in what i do , but my success is largely determined by what i do if i sleep no matter what kind of faith i apply i will not succeed , i have been in intercessory ministry for like many years till 08′ [2003-2008]and looking back what i see is what i decided to do , and i prayed for God to bless it.
another thing the bible says our ways are far way different from Gods ways , every time i make my plans , things just don’t happen like that…
you can never be sure bout the future , so i live stress free , Gods has his ways and as long as you trust in him everything will work out for Good even when ur in shit God will turn it for His Glory.
so this year is save as much money as possible, finish my music classes and i might start MBA by Sep God wiling. I smell things might be a good year for me ..tings a gwan!…..i bless God!
as for last years mistakes i take responsibilities and as a learning lessons and it will be a blessing, it says in Romans ‘anything that happens happens for the good of those that love the LORD and are called according to his purpose’

life’s cruel, it screws wit both good n bad guyz, sinners and prayer warriors same, the beauty of it is even when it happens God turns it for good of those who trust in Him, thats my attitude this year am sensing great things gonna happen ..that means even great challenges too, but wit God i will make it..thats what hope does!


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