Gods favor

Posted: August 31, 2008 in Uncategorized

i am so humbled and ..really wanna decrease and Christ to increas in me i want him ..finish it

My video is fantastic i hadent planned to sell it coz it a single not albam but guyz love it its selling like hot cake i gloryfy God i dont write ma blog am busy like beeee h ha ha ha ..so when am not working for my boss am busy getting more copies they are never enough am really humbled and thankfull

the musician distributing ma songs said he has not seen anybosy he has worked with that has favor lyk me he confessed that from the time he started distributing MY song even HIS alburm that wasnt selling started getting orders ITS AMAZING isnt it??????? well i really really really thank God

i want to upload it so that i can share with all of us….GOD IS AMAZING GLORY TO ELSHEDAI i havent finished taking them to media stations hopefully this week

men i am so so humbled but io want me to decrease and Christ increase so that he can entrust me with the work as a desciple

I Love you Jehovah 🙂


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