A peak of ma life –Video shooting day

Posted: August 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

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Where do I start ….well am very very very very thankfull first to God for the smooth running of the video shooting yesterday the weather was fantastic and the transport was awesome

I secondly thank Steve and Lizah for providing their premises for second song…… u guyz ROCK !!!!!!!! , I thank Mathaki and Martine wewe ni wetu ahsante sana  , I thank Mrefu the Camera man for going outa your way to travel all those places and even assist in paying the escort police in Ngong ….thanks Xell, Mkal [milly] G-Benno the artist for u stood in the freezing cold and fog in the mountains to see smooth running of the video …maze Joyce Lilian and Christine you girls am so touched by ur patient to wait for me all those hours its only Christ who can bless you , my bible study group for prayers and support najua mlikua committed vinoma thanks for your encouragement ..in one week time it will be nice …for all those who prayed and wanted to be there but we not able to make it ..i love you…

Na wewe Steve …you looked natural when acting that’s how the visitors said so we are forming a committee of inquiry to check weather all that time in our bible study meetings you have been acting all through the committee shall be headed by ……eerrr we will vote next sato

I will say what the Camera man said’ I wish I would be working with a team like this all times’


How did it go

I woke up in the morning selected my best clads did the make up collected ..listened to some worship by Paul Wilbur and pray for forgivesness of my sins I needed it devil was reminding me that I am not good in Gods eyes and I knew damn well I haven’t been such a great pal …so I had to read the devotion and I read a lot about Gods promise to Abram that his seed will have everlasting Kingdom that was 400 years before the Law was given, even before he was circumcised……so the success depended on Gods ability to fulfill his  promise but not Abrams ability to live to the standard of the Law ..now that was very very important for me that morning I dind wanna spil the word I prayed took a shower took my guitar and camera ..offf I went ..few minutes at the Wimpy coffee and sousage then at Kencom were the transoport was waiting at 9am ..we traveled and the first stop was at Rongai ..Mrefu comes from that area and he knw the places that are not private properties where we can do our job without someone saying “Nyinyi vijana munafanya nini kwa buroti[plot] yagu nitawapereka kotini”

After doing several shots we picked our instruments all the way to ngong hills where I did the rest of the song the place was so cold in the Mt.we had to pay the police dude aone ngwanye to escort us ..the thungs could have run awa with the expensive cameras …so after several shorts ..exchnaging clothes blab la bla and several joke with youths who wanted to dance in ma video ..we headed to Ngong town where we had …bad foood and was too expensive…..then we whent back to Nairobi it was now 3pm..there the girls Joyce ,Lili and Christine were waiting we strugglrd to get packing in town we dint wanna stop coz of the City KAJU police …we now headed to South C where Steve Lizah Muthoki and Martine where waiting we did quick arrangements the lights blab la and we where on for the shooting which lasted until kedo 6pm we had FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN REAL FUUUUUUN

I WISH WE COULD DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN ….and Mkal and the friends you promised you will visit our B.S

After which now everybody packed and I was back to ma humble aboard reflecting on Gods faithfulness and I continued with the bible collection movies I was watching.. and a horror

Later in the night

Before falling asleep too tired ………………………..


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