An awesome awesome,awesome time!

Posted: July 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

Things happened very fast ……testimony first my Uncle I have been praying for his problem of drinking [it was getting worse after divorce and he was about to commit suicide and loose his job ] but now goes to Church BUT seventh day Adventist for his former wife !!! its better though more prayer still needed , the second testimony my Atheist friend[ got worse after going for philosophical classes in Egerton University ] I had a time like 1 hour talking with him and giving testimonies of Gods doing in my life he was amazed.. lastly he said “ even a fool who denies God knows what he is denying “ glory to Christ

My family is doing fantastic they are all cool and I thank God ..grandma deep and passionate with God like never before …they are doing well

I have another testimony my family …even extended family is doing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww financially God has been so faithful to them all

I was given a chance to speak to them about investment they seem to have money but problem is using the money ….opposite of last two years were we were surviving by lending from banks and pple

Mmmhhhh I had a great time I went to Kikopey and enjoyed roasted goat and alvaro drinks and some cool music …and well I met  friends who made my day ….ha ha ha that’s story4another day including  young native  African Queen that made me almost forget everything and give up all for being with her……. King Solomon style ..he he am KIDING so piz no war ! guyz  

Well I dint pray much as I wanted …it was short prayer but DEEP well i engaged the spirit ….

Well my trip was awesome and I give God all the Glory and honor

I am planning to do video this week for those in Facebook u can see how my song have really been a blessing to many people even abroad  

The second song is still being mastered

I have missed prayerz for several weeks but hurray! Tomorrow and Tuesday am not that tight I will make time for the meeting

Love you guyz coz I feel loved and am really loved  so ma love overflows like river h ha ha ha ha you see you can only Give what you have and overflows …..


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