I reach Somalis /and whrrr else? Spain \chocolate

Posted: July 14, 2008 in Uncategorized

Days are going very very nice , I am arranging for transportation of some Somali tracks and bible to Island in North Africa where we have Somali people there …. am so exited they were given by our brother Adamhajj may God bless you bro

Meanwhile am planning to print the CD s of the two songs and distribute them to the Radio Stations around and will be taking to TV station when I do the videos probably next week but one ..if God wills

I had a good Sunday yesterday ha ha ..i have everything its only time I lack but will create time mmmhhhhh what else…..well ..nothing much you know Mondays aren’t that great …so not exited ….the bible study on sato was waaaahhhhwww we had a taste of chocolates from Spain from one member who was there  ..ha ha ha I couldn’t help it but share with the beautiful Muslims girls.. my neighbors, there is one who loves chocolate too much every time she sees me going to shop ….’Lorens uniletee switi ‘ she calls Chocolate sweet haha

Le me see how this week gonna be …………………………………..


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