still going on

Posted: June 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

The last couple of days has been the peak of my life a saw my self in the door to fulfil ma dreams sofar 2songs i have recorded are awsome …the third is tomorrow u shud have seen the joy in ma face whn ma producer said th songs have greatly improved and are ok…am planing to shoot th video of the best of th songs coz of shortage of funds…i am very very happy…i dint knw ths day will to someone else it may not b a big thng bt to s’one with no good voice has nevr bn in any choir to do vocals its a miracle.the bible study ön sat was awsome and deep many thnx givings for answered prayers thnx to Adonai…receive all honor n glory its all bout in love with Christ He has been toooo good to be guyz i dont have tyme

  1. Deshy says:

    Congrats!! U r doin great, I must say. I love your zeal!! Incredible. Go, go, go… the Lord is surely on your side to see you through. lol

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