..Elohim nicer than the nicest!

Posted: June 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

the past two days has been ital…i have made a remarkable progress in ma recordings ..my voice is nice for the first time ..[le mi give you a testimony you wont belive ..there is this evangelist who goes to NENO EVANGELISTIC for past.Nganga who has gifts of deliverance bla bla bla …now i was contacting him by request by a brother ..i dont have to go into details….but as we were sharing lot bout missions bla bla bla  i told him i want to sing by my voice is a discouragement ..he said ‘don’t worry i will pray for you and u voice will be opened’ ..i decided to go to Voice classes..but i dint go..i was too busy in work…but yesterday ..i found out my voice is different ….cool i was so exited…belive it or not..it happened….]uh made alot of changes to the songs ..including keys bla bla changed wordings and language..aparently the producer things i should write all my songs in Swahili ..to market me around but i have a different idea…i also think my songs should be in a language my friends abroad can listen …like Johhy…or some folks way….n-way he made ma make once verse and chorus in Swahili ..i did and then i said enough is enough..am exited ….today we go on ..also Elohim is teaching me more bout his Kingdom …through the book ‘rediscovering the Kingdom ‘ by Myles Monroe…..coinciding with the next sont Children of the kingdom which i guess i have to change alot of things …you see salvation or relationship with Christ grows just as love grows as you know ur partner…amen to those in Love[lucky u]….as for me..oops!..n-way lets move on swiftly …now ..were was i ..ohhhh what i was writing several years ago is not i can write now….NOT EVEN YEARS….LAST WEEK…what i wrote last week inst what i can write now …i have a different revelation of God and his Kingdom ..i have been growing alot lately ……on Dec God told me this is my year ..to fulfil many of ma dreams ……well ..it looks like it is after all……..lawi is exited…another thing HURRRAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY SAFCOM SHAREs YEASTERDAY HIT 8.15/-…moving along swiftly…what elser coz after today …for a long time i wont be in the net….i have to go far far far far faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  1. Deshy says:

    Uliget shares ngapi?

  2. jesusfreak7 says:

    niliget 77000[za kedo 388000] sheres alafu nikaziuza at 7 bob zoote!! 🙂

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