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Posted: June 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

The songs you see I wrote when I was going through desert there are other like 15 songs that I had wrote earlier but realized I had jut wrote them for fun but after what I went through I knew God more and now wrote out of revelation.

1. Sweet Jesus

In my days of separation, desperation, condemnation
No a friend I could rely on, no hope for a tomorrow
All my words all my gestures, all my smile were all dry
Like a falling leaf in a stream so was my dreams all gone,
Why God did you put me in this lonely ugly world.

You came from above set [my heat in fire]*2
Your love is so sweet like [sugar and spice]*2
I will sing I will cry for your [love forever]*2
Your beauty is so amazing makes the [stars fall down]*2
Your holiness so dazzling makes the [Kings fall down]*2
Ooohh Jesus I will love u till the end of days

The Lord is the Lord to those who make Him Lord
The Lord is so good to those who wait upon Him
The Lord hears the cry of a righteous man
The Lord is so close to a heart broken man

2. Children of the kingdom

We are children of the kingdom
We are sons of the most high
We are children of the kingdom
We are heirs with the Lamb

We are purified we are sanctified,
We are justified by the blood of the Lamb,
We are kings we are chosen race,
Gods own holy nation.

Though our outside is fading
Our inside is renewed everyday
Though we seem to be poor,
But indeed we are rich.

Let us fix our eyes on the things in heaven
Things on earth are fading
Let us fix our eyes onto Jesus
Holiness and love.

Let us sing maranatha,
Let us hope let us wait,
In a tickling of an eye,
So shall all of us fly away.

3. Wounded soldier

Wake up soldier wake up warriors
Wake up holy ones of Jesus Christ
In front of you there is some light, there is some hope.

I know you are wounded, bleeding broken, I can see
You have fallen, six times, but I am sure you’ll rise again.

Don’t worry, it was meant to be, with casualties, this is war,
But it’s written; He fought for us, and gloriously, conquered for us.

Hold my hand, dear comrade, let’s continue with the race
Let’s crawl, let’s limb, in direction of our destiny

4. Rise

I will rise again, I will rise a second time,
I will raise oh God,
And posses my promised land.

Though am crushed to the ground,
Poured out in a grinding stone,
They have left me desolate,
I know one day you will raise me again.

Though I am heart broken another time
It has left me with no more faith,
I have cried till my tears run dry,
I know one day you’ll raise me again.

It’s still hard for me to pray,
Yes even to open the chapters of the bible,
It’s still hard for me to trust you again,
But I know one day you’ll raise me again

5. Gods smugglers

They are God smugglers
Oohh God Smugglers
They are God smugglers
Main stake holders of the kingdom*2

See them walk in Arabia
Holy book hidden in their waists
Eating and sleeping in trenches
They are God smugglers

See them walk in Discos
Holy cross hanging in their necks
Waking at three to intercede
Their God smugglers

See them in Chinese border
“We are very good tourists”
Holy bible in their bags
Their God smugglers

Tropical diseases in Africa
Guns and Bombs in the Far East
Swords in the southern Sudan
They are Christ smugglers

6. Wait for you

I see light from a distance
I see love from a distance
I see joy and comfort
I see beauty for ever more

I will wait for you Lord *4

There is hope before me
The king of kings promised me
I will reach my fathers land
I will sit in Canaan side

I am a sojourner in this desert
I am a passerby in this dry land
I have made a temporary place
Coz tomorrow I fly away

He is not a man that He may lie
His hand not short to bless me
All I need is to believe
I have possessed my promised land

7. Far, Far away

You seem to be far away,
Far to the mountains,
You seem to be far away,
But I know you are ever present

Ooh God give me faith to wait upon you
Ooh let me use not my feelings
Ooh Jesus I cry to you, I wana trust you alone

I try to pray my Lord but no breakthrough
I try to worship and lift up my hands but still down
Ooh my beloved give me faith to believe you are here today

When I search for good evil come my way
When I wait for light darkness comes my way
Days of afflictions run towards me

8. Designed

This song I will dedicate to my friend Larry Liza, and Grace, as you were serving God he let you loved ones pass away!

I know what you are going through
I feel the pain it’s unbearable
You feel that you are alone
Ooh there is none that understands you

I know you can’t pray
Those encouraging verses you know off head
I know you feel He has deserted you
You are even thinking of taking your life

Why me Lord? Is your song
You have million and one questions
No one seem to have the answers
None feels you right

But let me tell you friend, he is there with you
He is weeping with you
He has let it happen with a reason
He has designed you to overcome
He has designed you to overcome

9. Restoration

The day of restoration is coming, am ready to receive it
The day of our Lord is coming, am ready as a witness
The Glory of our Lord is coming, am ready to perceive it
The favor of the Lord is coming, I am already prepared

We walked and walked and didn’t give up
We were tested and we didn’t fall
We were tired but we went on
Gave His son we believed Him and now….

We walked naked and still trusted
Persecuted but pledged allegiance
We were confused but we went on
We were in doubts but we believed

We needed encouragement bet we gave it
When we fell we crawled forward
We were injured but limbed forward
Tears rolling down our chicks we waited for Him

10. Am a Christian

I am one of you Christians, one of you
I am one of you Holy Nation, one of you
I am one of you chosen people, one of you
I am one of you

I remember the days of darkness
I was lost and hopeless
I used to drink and careless
I played harlot!
But Jesus blood on Calvary
Gave me hope and new life
Now my name is written
In the Lambs book of life

Came the days of refining
Jesus crushed me to the ground
He killed all my pride
He torn my heart to pieces
The refiner’s fire
Now he has blessed and restored me
I have possessed my promised land
And now…..

I am one of you preachers [intercessors, soldiers,
Prophets, missionaries] one of you,
I am one of you

11. I will sing

A midst all disappointments year,
I will sing to Jesus Christ
A midst all persecution year,
I will sing to Jesus Christ
A midst all temptation year,
I will sing to Jesus Christ
I will sing ooh Lord I will sing,
I will sing to Jesus Christ.

It was yesterday, they hijacked my pastor no
They dint hesitate to shoot at his car,
They took with the money and his car
And was to delivered a message “I will sing”

She is the leader of worship team here
She serves God with zeal and humbleness
The fiancé said doesn’t love anymore
What a pain she is to lead the song “I will sing”

God used me to encourage and preach
We prayed together and saw God moving
I have a chronic disease
No supper today, supposed to write “I will sing”

11. Yahweh favor

I am walking in your favor
Oh walking in your favor
I am walking in your favor
Your gory follows.

As the children of Israel walked out with favor
Carried gold and jewels of Egyptians
As the children of Israel entered with favor
Conquered the Promised Land

As Ester found favor with you
Oh crowned the queen of the land
As Rehab found favor with you
You spared her house hold

David the shepherd found your favor
Oh crowned king while Soul reigned
Soul Christian slayer found your favor
Became Paul the greatest in the Kingdom.

12. Normal girl

She was a normal girl, she was a ghetto babe
As she walked down on the backstreet yard
She cared less, in this free world
No one could talk to her

She loved the smoke, she loved the club
Whisky and men was all fun for her
They called her tom boy, ‘great buddy’
But no one was serious with her

All her dear men, compromised her
They were heat and run fellows
Inside her was a hole, deep hole
No pleasures nothing could fill

Till she was found, by glorious king
Had keen interest and love for her
Her life changed to a queen
The dignity and glory was back

On Sunday, she moved us
By her sermon on love
She is in the club today
To reach to other queens to be


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