How i met Jesus

Posted: June 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

.. it’s a simple relationship I began with God …it all started when I was very young I started hanging out with the wrong group of guyz , I was always with the wrong group it lead me to crash with my mum and teachers, I moved from school to school, the administration couldn’t put up with me , I was a thief too, I was dump too always the last in class, getting E’s in everything, I thought they hated me , I tried committing suicide three times ..but dint succeed, only the third time, I was admitted to hospital, but inside me there was a voice calling me ..Sundays when I go to church I feel a strong calling in my heart to follow God I felt him telling me ‘I love you son’…so I used to pray ..funny enough each time I pray something would happen, I started a relationship with God…as I grew I began to feel God more every time I read the bible I felt different it gave me joy, and every time I pray God would answer[I can write pages of testimonies],academically I started to shine slowly , but still I wasn’t ready to fully commit my life to God , as I grew the pleasure of life increased I made many friends[disadvantage of being social and wanting to please everyone am like that]
I started indulging smoking and chewing funny stuff, brewing [I loved chemistry that’s why I ended up doing it in campus] I loved the girls most, but the still voice inside used to haunt me.
After completing my secondary school, I ended up in this gang of 5 guyz we were called Bastic boys, with our popularity increasing in our home town with every chick wanting to be in our group it became even more harder to thing of Jesus, we decided we cant help it lets change our lives when we get married or something, we just couldn’t imagine leaving all the girls and leading a ‘boring life of old men and women’.
For me getting to campus was all I was waiting for I decided I will HARIBU[spoil] like never before…Then I reported to The University of Nairobi as a first year 2002
On that December[my first vacation] I was in the Disco and DJ was spinning reggae music I was dancing and doing all sort of things, I need not to explain.. all over sudden the still voice of God was inside my heart calling me , I tried to forget bout God, but I knew I had to change my life I had no more time left , there and then in that club I decided to give ma life to Christ first thing we resume classes , I have been trying on ma own with no success but the bible say we give our burdens to him , and though our sins are as white as snow he is faithful to forgive …. I remembered the story of the adulterous lady that Jesus loved and forgave and I was filled with tears knowing that He is the only one that can change me my mum had tried, the police had tried but I ran as a fugitive. I decided on that January when I get back to UoN I will give ma life to Jesus.
In January on a Wednesday I went and looked for a bible study and told them I want to receive Jesus, which was a shock to many,
The next big problem was to break the news to bastic boyz[the gang] and our women ,
I prayed to Jesus to save my friends if he wants me to remain a good boy coz I will go back ..they are my buddies we shared a lot…how will I leave the girls…
So on the second vacation I met them they had all this news bout this and that and I hardly was able to explain to them bout why I changed ma life, we had a lot to catch up I just told them I decide to let Jesus in my life ..they either dint hear it or they thought I was night we were cooking dinner and I felt like I want to pray ..I dint know for I excused myself and went to the near by bushes I really prayed to God bout forgiveness and stuff cried a lot dint really understand what I was praying for..when I came back to the room they were all trembling and asked me they want to receive Jesus, I layed hands on them….from that day the rest is history he he he .. n-way I took them to a nearest church and we introduced our selves, at first the congregation was shocked 5 thugs who have been making parents not to send their daughters to town in fear they may land in the gangs hands, drunkards, and they all come to church claiming they are born again, a shock, people dint believe some said after finishing the girls in town we have now invaded the church ..some said we have just realized we are HIV positive that’s why we have ran to God ..all sort of stuff ..but we told them we are there to stay God doesn’t judge he looks at the heart ..we struggled ..God lead to us a passionate brother who discipled us, prayed prayer of deliverance for us ..taught us how to pray and fast , how to live a righteous life and finally prayed for our baptismal with the Holy Ghost which I will never forget..but 5 years down the line we have seen tremendous growth life isn’t just good I mean you don’t pray and you get, its hard when you now know God there is a lot , really I just cant finish..dont believe the plant a seed , get rich stuff being preached around …Christ dint leave a religion ..he just wanted a relationship with us simple as that..very clear in the Holy Bible
This is the good part you just wanted to know how I received Jesus and my friends that’s how it happened really …..but if you ask me bout now knowing God its a really different story ….not of answered prayers but of patient , hurts , lack , pain , now that’s the really part I like talking about it’s the relevant part its what people don’t like talking about
And its what that has made me who I am[not answered prayers and stuff] and its what I thank God …le me stop for today God loves you!


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